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Oure School

Along with Oure School and Oure Diet Gymnasium represents Oure College Schools in Oure Sport & Performing Art, which was founded in 1987. Oure School is a modern school with a contemporary values in the global world citizenship grown in an environment with room for ambition, community and personal development. With a secular set of values separated religion, education, politics and ethics. It provides a powerful, common basis for equal relation with humanism as a focal point.

Oure School is the school of life
Here, people across cultural, social and political backgrounds in an equal relation where the joint occurs and where the individual develops his personality, his knowledge, his feelings and his skills. School together create a network for life, while it is a springboard for further education and personal development. At Oure School's ambition is to provide a learning environment characterized by cultural capital, passion for sports and the arts and an enjoyable and festive højskoleliv - school for life.

Focus on Sport & Performing Arts

Sport & Performing Arts are both experiential, skills, formation and vidensfag where the student body straight, creative, personal, social, emotional, intellectual and communicative learning and development is the key. Oure School work follows the formation tradition that uses sport and artistic disciplines as tools in the formation process and in relation to knowledge acquisition.

The particularity of Oure School is that they have what they call it fagintensive line selection, which students choose one special line which the targeted developing. This is perfect for concentration, focus and sustained effort. You can choose to work with adventure- or board sports, outdoor cross training, fitness, football, handball, sailing, skiing, dance, music or acting.

Parts of the teaching takes place across the lines. It happens in theme subjects, joint classes, lectures and seminars. All teachers at Oure School of professional experience and a solid academic grounding in their respective educational field.

Read more on www.oure.dk/hoejskole.

Have questions about Oure School, please do not hesitate to contact them. Their hotline is open Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 15.00 on 6238 3837


Idrætsvej 1
5883 Oure

Contact info

Tel: 6238 3837
E-mail: lpj@oure.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag-fredag: 8.00-15.00


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