Proofreading for an optimal bachelor and master's thesis

Proofreading for an optimal bachelor and master's thesis

When writing bachelor, thesis or other academic assignment, it is important that the language of the task optimally. Everyone knows that linguistic preparation is essential when you are trying to convey a message, and in a bachelor thesis or other academic assignment is the written especially important for the reader holds your attention. Furthermore let a good linguistic preparation academic pointer stand much stronger forward in the text.

The problem is that you rarely even aware of the language mistakes you make when putting together a text. Even if you give her time to proofread will simply be certain error or error types that you just are not sensitive to. It is particularly unfortunate, since many language errors can drag an entire character down.

But do not worry - there's plenty of help available! The following guide will give you the best tips, tricks and services for proofreading - with them you can ensure that the written presentation of the bachelor, thesis or other task is completely perfect.

Techniques for proofreading

First and foremost, it is important to schedule time and energy to proofread your Bachelor's, your specialty or another task. Set like a whole day - two are even better - and thereby you can also use different techniques for proofreading.

You will be surprised how many bugs you find and how much you can improve the content afterwards. There are many good tips , but below we will go through the two supreme best techniques.

These techniques are worth to use for several reasons. After reading your MSc thesis for several times during the preparation done it with increasing automation.

In other words, you get simply stared blindly at the academic content while being insensitive to the written. It is fortunately afford to!

Read proofing - backwards!

The first technique is to proofread the text behind: from the last section to the first!

Start for example with your discussion section or conclusion and move "forward" towards the introduction. By reading your Bachelor's, your specialty or another task behind your reading is not affected by the contents thread.

Therefore, you will be less aware of the academic content and more attention to the written.

Once you encounter intricate phrases these will be much more clearly; and they will be easier to correct because they are not in the same way seems necessary as when you proofreader for the task thread.

Read proofing - upside down!

The second technique is to proofread the text upside down: from the last sentence of the first!

Here, the idea is perfect as above - only more pronounced. If you read upside sentence by sentence you really streamlined every one of them.

To read a text in this way feels both enormously disruptive for reading and for that part of your concentration which insists on paying attention to the academic content. But as your reading progresses you feel how you completely forget your task's academic content and really get the grammatical glasses.

Therefore, this technique is great if you want phrases in your job as all razor sharp forward. Some, however, may find it a bit too extensively. Therefore, there may also be of great help in allowing family or friends (preferably having the same study background) proofread your text.

Your family or friends will be able to look at the text with a fresh pair of eyes that might catch the mistakes you do not even do.

Get a professional to proofread

There are great benefits in using the above techniques. However, there are several sources of error you should be aware of. As mentioned, it can be hard to break away from the academic content, and furthermore, it is problematic that we can not see his own fault because you simply ikke know their causes.

Furthermore, your friends and family rarely perfect date with grammatical rules, there is a chance that they may commit new errors that were not in the document to begin with.

To ensure that the written presentation in your bachelor, your thesis or other assignment is perfect, you should therefore obtain assistance from a professional reviewer. A professional would like family and friends read your text with fresh eyes - though in this case with professional eyes.

In addition, a professional neither have knowledge of your text or personal connection with you, and therefore will be (brutally) honest.

Proofreading at SCRiBBR

At SCRiBBR you can get both English and Danish texts proofread, whether in the case of bachelor, thesis or other assignment. With an extensive network of professional reviewers all over the world can always get proofread native language.


You also get access to SCRiBBRs support can be reached 24/7 via email and live chat. Therefore, you always have access to feedback and the opportunity to get answers to any questions.

To help you get the best possible job has SCRiBBR also an extensive knowledge base of articles on academic work. There you can for example find articles on reference standards, academic work in English, the structure of your bachelor and master's thesis, differences in Danish and English in APA style, etc.

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