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City Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Roskilde, Kolding
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Sitting in front of the screen and see the Great Baking Joust, The Sweet Life with Mette Blomsterberg and cake fight and let the teeth watering and fly your thoughts to you also wish you were as good at baking, designing and setting cakes and the like in which they participate in the programs, try to take up the challenge and become a pastry chef.

You can start your own pastry when you graduate and make your own creations, your own recipe books and maybe even come up with as a judge in one of the programs you are watching now.

As pastry you come to work creatively. You will learn all about cakes, confections, desserts and many other sweet things, and there's plenty of work around at the bakers, in the hotels, in the restaurants and so on. If you enjoy working creatively with your hands, then this training maybe something for you.

There are various lines like pastry. You can choose to focus on bread, where you learn to prepare the many different types of bread available and find out how much difference there is in flour. You can also specialize in cakes or desserts, for example marzipan.

It is a more fine and finger easily work working with small pastries and marzipan, chocolate and caramel, as can more easily go something breaks and you then start all over again. But fortunately it is precisely what education is for, so you can learn from your mistakes before you get out in real life, where there is no time to fail, since it costs the bottom line.

Moreover release you also for the cameras catch all your mistakes you make while being groomed.

But besides your schooling program consists of course of some longer training periods, so you come out and using his hands. You get the paper on your mettle to the various stages of education, so already here you can get a job at bakeries and supermarkets, or you can continue on the full bakery training.

The training lasts a total of 3 years and 7 months. Of those, 38 weeks schooling and the rest is practice.