Zealand Business College

Zealand Business College

Zealand Business College is an institution consisting of three powerful educational institutions which together form the ZBC. Thus, you will find Zealand Business College in Næstved, Ringsted and Vordingborg.

Here provider thus several different schools; Thus, you can take as a training; Commercial College (HHX), Technical High School (HTX) Trade Schools General (HG), Vocational, EUX Business, STU with special schooling and finally, you can also take several adult education programs as well as courses and training to both individuals as well as companies, institutions and organizations.

On the Business College (HHX) is for people who have completed primary school, which targeted those wishing to study at university, trade school or the like. Here you get a strong education in vocational and general subjects such as marketing and finance as well as language and culture. - In addition, you will be offered elective right after your interest. (HHX can be fine Næstved, Ringsted and Vordingborg - although with different subjects and offers).

The Technical High School (HTX) is for people who have finished in elementary school, and have interest in technical and natural sciences and want to study further at university or similar. With a HTX you get such a strong training in subjects such as biotechnology, astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry and technical subject. This is also where you get the opportunity to combine a high academic level with exciting hours in both workshop and laboratory. (HTX you can take in Vordingborg and Ringsted).

Trade School, Basic Education - (HG / HGS / HGV), also for students and Adults. Trade school training (HG) is a training, where you're in school and an internship in a company. The overall process leading to a professional training in retail, trade, office and finance. At the school you will be able to choose between four educational areas through which you can specialize. The program consists of a basic course and a main course. (HG can be taken in Vordingborg, Næstved, Ringsted and Haslev)

Training - is for people who want to get started with a specific vocational training immediately. Thus, you can either choose to go to several directions such as; - Car, aircraft and other transport - food for man - power, control and IT - Production and Development (watchmaker) - Apprenticeship. - All courses consist of a basic course and a main course. (Read more about how the different directions offered on their website).

EUX Business - is an education that gives you two programs in one. Here you can already after two years become a student in industries such as administration, finance, accounting, shipping, shop and trade, if that's what you want. Additionally, you can also choose to enroll in a higher education when you're with a EUX Business will have a high school graduation. With a EUX Business you can specialize within ofr the two main directions trading and management and administration and management. (EUX Business offered from August 2015 in Ringsted, Næstved and Vordingborg).

STU - Is a course for young people with special challenges. - Thus, you will find here a 3-year for races organized for young students with special needs. You can thus make your dreams of an education in automotive, web and IT and media met. (Read about the location of the different directions of the institution's website).

Finally, you can here get more offers in adult education and training. Such basic training, HG and more.


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