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Copenhagen is a great city. Copenhagen has everything you can dream of. In Copenhagen you will meet an unprecedented quantity of education, urban life and culture. Will you away big city rat race you can visit one of Copenhagen's major parks, or fine beaches.

But the city can also be a tough town to get to as a newcomer. For though you might have visited the city every now and then, it is not the same as staying there. Now you suddenly to find a good hairdresser, which may not be quite right for a million-city on a student's budget.

And of course you can make your own investigation and find out which bars and cafés that are worth your time and money. It can admittedly be entertaining, but you also have time and money for other things, so find instead the best places in Copenhagen below and avoid sneaky bodegas and boring cafes. Mis nor less sprang hissing sections as Culture & Entertainment or Sports & Recreation, where you can have fun, make new acquaintances and decent while you tend your brain and body.

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Copenhagen city guide

Here in Copenhagen city guide you will find the best restaurants , nightclubs , bars , cafes , take-away places in Copenhagen.

You can sort the sites by name, ølpris, our assessment of the sites, etc. About the places you can read a general description, find hours, prices, menu, link to place the website, contact information and directory to the place.

In the city guide to Copenhagen you will also find guides to the city's shops , educational institutions , culture and entertainment , business , sports and leisure , hairdressing , driving schools , colleges , organizations in Copenhagen and the places where the focus is on your health and wellness in Copenhagen

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