Guide to a city tour in Odense

Guide to a city tour in Odense have made a complete guide to where you can go in the city of Odense and get a good experience. The guide is divided at times and price groups. In this way you can easily find the places that suit your budget and style, as well as to the time you want to move out of the city and celebrate.

1. Should the party started early? 12:00 to 18:00
Must be started early, already in the afternoon, so we recommend you a variety of cafes where you will not be disappointed.

The cheap solution
Café Chinos is located in Brandts Passage 6 in central Odense. The cafe is very cozy and there is sunshine, there is also the option to sit outside and enjoy the sight of busy people on the busy street. The food is excellent and Chinos is also the place where you find Odense's best burger for the price! Drinks you can get at very reasonable prices and the service is friendly and good.

The moderate to expensive solution
On Ove Sprogøe space that is as side street of Vestergade, you will find three nice cafes, all of which are characterized by being very stylishly decorated. However, it is not the only thing that's good about these cafes. The first would suggest is Gertrude . Gertrude is a French cafe with delicious food, friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere. This despite the fact that you sometimes can meet various famous people at the café. Gertrud's is the place if you want to spend a little more money in a cozy environment, serving quality goods.

Café Kræz accommodate many people, both indoors and outdoors, but in spite of it, the cosiness still there. It is also a place where you can easily linger throughout the day and evening. This makes you witness the shift from café guests happy party guests. Thursday, Friday and Saturday there namely often live DJ, live music, etc. along the evening. The food is excellent and Café Kræz serves great cocktails!

2. The time is now 18:00 but not more than 21:00
We choose to believe you are now getting hungry, and you will have a good meal at a restaurant before heading back to the above cafes, or on the town!

The cheap solution
Mona Rosa is located in Vintapperstræde which runs parallel to the Kongensgade. Here you can get delicious Mexican dishes at reasonable prices. The place is cozy and the service friendly without too much delay.

Do not cheat yourself to try Mamma's Pizzeria at a time. You are guaranteed delicious Italian pizzas and pasta dishes. Prices are also very reasonable compared to the delicious food, good atmosphere and good service.

Do you go for Asian food you should try Genghis Khan, located in the middle of Overgade. Here you can eat all you want for a fixed low amount. You choose among a lot of different dishes and cooks prepare then the meal for you while you can follow cooking. And this you can as I said do as many times as you like it - a kind of buffet concept. The service is friendly and the food surprisingly good for the price.

The medium to expensive solution
If you need to get you a good dinner, we recommend that you visit Hereford that never disappoints if it's meat you are. The brewery Flakhaven located just across from Hereford, and in ø incidentally also part of Hereford, also offers great food. Blue. you can get the famous Wagyu meat. However, you must buy at least about 1500 kroner, since wagyu only sold all culottestege. But then you also get 1.5 kg. Meat can be shared between about five hungry man.

Do you really have good food, we highly recommend the Old Inn, which is close to Genghis Khan in Overgade. Here both the history behind, the atmosphere, the decor, the service and especially the food is top notch. Prices are also thereafter. You bet anyway Suen here, so we recommend you to try the lobster soup, which is quite amazing.

3. The time is now 21:00 but not exceeding 2:00

You are now satisfied and in a good mood, and now the good atmosphere is maintained and to be enjoyed good drinks in discos opens its doors. This can appropriately be done on one of the many pubs you find in Odense.

One of the oldest and cozy pubs in Odense, visit the fish market. It's called Ryan's , or "The Irish," and here talking bartenders tradition English. The selection of beers is large and there appears almost always football, it is not the case then there's probably live music. Live music is often Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The atmosphere is Irish and good. Ryan's of Odense is a good place to socialize from 21:00 onwards.

Cheap beer and other students can also find on the Flower and the Bee , that you find on Overgade during the disco The Gym. Flower and the Bee is a decidedly Friday, which are popular places for students to hang out and cultivate social activities.

The place is not for you, we recommend you the cafes we mentioned in paragraph 1. As is also excellent choices during this time.

4. The time is now 02:00 but not exceeding 5:00

Dance clubs have opened their doors and the party is well under way in Odense city. Now you just find out which nightclub or bar that fits you and your style.

The nightclubs
Hybrids between discos and bars, there is a part of Odense. LA Bar is located in Vintapperstræde and is a really nice place to party - and it does not cost anything to enter! The style is Los Angeles. That surfboard on the wall, Baywatch song over the speakers and cold beer in the fridges. The atmosphere is really good and the rooms are cozy to party in.

In Nørregade you will find one of the oldest discounted activities namely Boogie Dance Café. Everyone is welcome whether you are for suits, baggy pants or something else. The atmosphere is relaxed and played older music, typical pop, rock and of course something to dance to

Australian Bar (A-Bar) located in Brandts Passage and is mainly for high school students. Here is the concept Australia and various Australian effects is therefore inherently around on the walls. On the Australian Bar you will meet lots of young persons and party people. And it continues to be the young people place you must max. be 28 years before you are denied in the door of the many doormen on site.

5. The time is now 05:00 but not more than 12:00

The party varnishes now to a close for most of Odense's nightlife, but some is ready to party on, and they should then be allowed.
Tinsoldaten has long been a notorious place in Odense, but gradually it has become a relatively noble place. Tinsoldaten is very convenient diagonally across from the police headquarters. Here you can find young people who have not partied finished yet, old regulars and quirky characters. The beer is cheap and colde. Until a few years ago you could also acquire the famous hash and toast on site, but this was the smoking law put a stop to. A cozy place, if one does not bother the other guests.

Another option is Rådhuskælderen, located at City Hall between Happy Chicken and Emils Hothouse. Here continue the party until 08:00 on Saturdays and until 07:00 on Fridays. Many fresh revelers goes on in here after dinner at one of the above sites are swallowed. Admission is 50 kroner, which for some is much at five o'clock in the morning, but most think it's worth it.

Are you hardcore are instead Havhesten New vestergade 17 - down by the monks Moses. Here you do not go in alone and girls are advised to be in the company of boys - in fact any men. The place is notorious, and you can here meeting patrons and quirky characters. On the other hand, we learn on to Havhesten almost always open and cheap beer.

If you come in good condition home from Havhesten want you a good day's sleep on top of your life-city tour.