Student in Copenhagen

Student in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is our capital and by far the student city in Denmark with most studied. If you are a student in Copenhagen at one of the educational institutions, then you have probably at one point considered whether or not you should engage in relevant working - and what is better than to search a student?

A student for many students sounds like cashier in the supermarket or a cleaner in a temporary employment agency. But here at we will strike a blow to students in Copenhagen should have easier access to a student with meaning - a student job related to your training and gives you the opportunity to test your skills in practice. Another advantage of a student is that many students can earn the extra next to the studios that make it more fun and easier to have a social life - f. Ex few more trips to the cinema and dining out evenings. Some students who start with a student job at a major company retains student job throughout the study and will be after graduation permanently employed in the company. Why does a student also as a springboard for your career in business.

How can I apply for a student in Copenhagen?

Here at we make sure to gather all the best and most relevant study student in Copenhagen and the Copenhagen area. Our mission is that our visitors should have a central place where every student can read and searched. Therefore we cooperate with some of the largest companies, employment agencies and student services to offer the latest student all year round.

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