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Should your economy a helping hand?

Should your economy a helping hand? sets currently focus on one of today's hot topics, young people and the economy. Two words that are often difficult to reconcile when SU does not always can stretch an entire month. But how can you get the money to keep a little longer, so the menu does not only stand on pasta and ketchup the last week of the month?

Jyske Bank offers here in cooperation with an overview of what you as a student can get kr.'erne to reach a little longer. And not least, what pitfalls you should preferably come next if the economy is not quite running as it should.

What I have expenses ??

"It is easy to calculate its expenses, taking only his income is 10% on top of" Bing Crosby

The cornerstone of an every day economy, is being able to control its expenses. If you have a hand in them, should preferably not dump unpleasant bills through the letterbox all the time. Who how do you track? asked Simon Agerled, who works at Jyske Bank in Odense on what he recommends its student customers:

"As a student you just not much to do well with, once the rent, phone and all the other fixed expenses are paid, there remains the very luckiest case a few 1,000 kr. Do you also pay for books the month receive common SU quickly legs to walk on "and continues" anyone rich or poor students may guard against unpleasant surprises by keeping in control of its fixed costs. Once you have moved home and are managing the payment of one's own expenses, I definitely recommend that you create a budget line. A Budget Account is an account where all your fixed expenses are paid from. Basically it's relatively simple: you find out how much you owe each year of its fixed costs and share the amount on a monthly basis. Then you know how great a transfer you should make to your budget line each month. However, it is important to remember that there is virtually always should be x number of crowns on the account from the start. This ensures that the account does not go into deficit during the year.

Here at Jyske Bank we are happy customers started with the budget. Everything may well now be taken care of by computer from home, you just throw yourself into it.

Is there expenses you think you can save / cut away the budget line as a student?

"I'm never taster regard to the level of people's bills. Do you use common sense. It is up to oneself, to assess whether you really want to spend the few extra 1,000 kr. Per year on the large TV package than get steaks and red wine every Friday. However, there may be money to be saved as a student, if one probes the terrain. Several insurance companies often offer a cheap "Study Pack" where the basic insurances included. I know that among other things GF-insurance that we work with here in Jyske Bank offers some attractive policies for young customers at a competitive price "

Want help with your budget, you can get hold of Jyske Bank here

Meet below Louise, who here has been to the bank and get looked at her budget:

Find studio home, your base during your training

"One man in the house is better than 10 on the street" Mae West

College, rental property or perhaps your own! The possibilities are many, and when you finally entered the studio dreams begins the hard struggle often for the best student residence. But what should you really be aware of when moving out of the housing market? And what have you actually afford to live in? asks Simon from Jyske Bank:

"But again we have inside around one rootstock when we talk expenditure; budget. You have to ensure that as mine. is to afford the expenses automatically follows when you live in the apartment; rent, electricity, insurance, licenses and so on. And then you have to have common sense with them. It is no good that one gets too expensive, and you twist and turn every penny. You will of course still like to be able to have a social life with one's new classmates when you have free. So have a clear position on the disposable income you want to have for themselves every month - that one's income minus your expenses. So basically it depends on how much money coming into the account each month and how much you should keep the budget line. If you only have its SU to live for one should not put too costly and S & OSLash; ge a small one-bedroom apartment or a room in a dormitory. Have the other hand work alongside their studies, it may well be that one can succeed in his own apartment. We can help our customers to gain an overview of one's future economy in the new apartment.

What about the deposit into the new rental apartment? Most often, one must of course with a small fortune to move into. If you have not saved up in advance, can one possibly. lend to this through you.

"It's always costly to move. We can help our clients with the full or partial contribution to the new apartment. What I emphasize when I talk to my customers about loans and deposits is that there is room for a settlement of the loan. If, for example. do not get the loan off and you then stand in three years and must move again, well then you suddenly have a debt with them on many 1,000 kr.! And then the budget the course ends meet, so there are realistic both for the bank, but most of all for our customers. Otherwise, it's just some animal, and acidic years in the apartment "

Now if you do not have?

"SU loans and SU performance in general is a unique system that we have in this country. However, I would say that you have to use common sense when taking out the loan. You just use the money for café visits and city tours can be some annoying money to pay back when even finished. Records to Su loans throughout his education from ungdomsuddanelserne until you have finished university or other long training, you can easily come out with a debt of up to 300,000 kr. And the money must all be paid back, sometimes up to 15 years after you have graduated. Generally, you should always think about that when you borrow money.

We are always ready to help both our own and certainly new customers from other banks that seek new housing. Whether it is one or the other type of dwelling, even one's own apartment, I help you with the budget and maybe loan.

When you are seeking housing so remember:

- Equals a realistic budget and conditions you how much YOU need for food and fun and games a month
- Search housing by municipality
- Talk to your bank manager for a loan to deposit if you do not have money even

You can help your home thoughts of Jyske Bank - catch a medarabejder here!

Get some inspiration about house hunting / buying including:

A stay abroad is a GREAT expense!

"Worlds a book, and he who does not travel, read only a page" - Augustine, Saint

There must certainly be mastered budget if you're leaving for a longer or shorter period. More and more students choose to spend a semester or two abroad. Others dream of sabbatical year between the heavy semesters as a great escape - far away from books and homework in the study. It is an expensive pleasure! Or is it true that?

Simon from Jyske Bank talks about how to take precautions and what to be aware of when you travel out into the big world

"It's expensive to travel, that's life. But there is also what you make of it and you can certainly take precautions up to the journey. Of course, the economy must be in place. One may well ask the bank if you can borrow for the trip and it is financially responsible, we usually have a solution. However, there is always sensible to have saved up a bit on their own up to the journey. Should we leave in connection with the same study has also the ability to search different funds - or perhaps fund home by the ancient "said Simon with a smile and continues," often it is a good idea to have secured economic home before leaving, for example. in the form of an overdraft on your current account so that you are not limited during his stay abroad. It's usually one time in your life that you get that opportunity. "

What is important to remember that when we now have come away with the plane?

"Most importantly, one's ability to get to the money, so that you have debit enough! I always recommend my clients as my. to have two cards of the journey. First, is guaranteed by theft, were it not located the cards in your wallet, and secondly, there are different spending limits on individual cards that people often only become aware when you stand down there and NOT can raise on his card. A VisaDebit cards, prev. VisaElektron is actually one of the best cards to charge it up, even if they have the reputation of being this "youth card" at home.

Additionally you can actually get a Mastercard with the journey. The clever thing about this card is that the card is available with a built-in travel insurance actually very good. This applies only to a 30 day period with the option to buy an extended period ".

Would you like to go out and travel, and a little help for the economic part? You can get help in Jyske Bank here

It therefore you should be aware of when you go on a longer stay are:

  1. Have a grip on the economy before setting off. Equals a budget
  2. Make sure to have a financial buffer for the additional experiences you may encounter out there
  3. Have min. two payment cards - and keep them separated
  4. Be properly insured

Cashless abroad: how to avoid the nightmare!