See if you violate the law. Here are the new laws which has just come into force today.

See if you violate the law. Here are the new laws which has just come into force today.

Spoken always long to ban one and the other. There are also some time before the proposal is adopted the law takes effect. Today 9 new laws come into force and you can read here how to relate to them.

We can already reveal so much to the influence on you as a student, if you are traveling with a caravan if you like cold steel on the body or if you want a trip into space.

Getting faster on camping
Now that the summer holidays have started and you urgently want out of the country, so do not worry. You can now run 100 km / h with caravan, as long as you have a Tempo 100 Denmark authentication. Do not have this applies to the speed limit of 80 km / h still. If you want to drive 100 km / h with caravan, seek your approval to FDM .

So you do not need extra care how much you step on the accelerator.

SU invalid if you fjumrer too much
Now comes the most important law for students! If you are more than six months late on your education, then you will lose your SU. This law applies to you, starting on a higher education after the summer holidays. Those who are already enrolled in higher education, should not feel too safe. Do you have more than 12 months late, your SU be deprived of you. If you are ill for a long time and therefore can not get to the original exam, then you will receive SU until the re-examination and no more. Remember that only a doctor's note can give you access to a re-examination.

Youth card becomes more expensive
Are you commute and have a Youth Card, then you know how expensive it can be to travel back and forth. Now it may be time to look for a new youth or dorm as the card will cost much more than before for some of you.

Besides the usual 615 kr. As Youth card normally costs so that you will have with 50% of the amount that is beyond the first 2,100 kr. On the normal card price.

That is, if for example you live in Odense, but studying in Copenhagen, it cost previously 615 kr. Now it costs 615 kr. + 50% (4350 losses up to DKK 2,100 kr.) = 615 kr. + 50% by 2250 kr. = 1,740 kr. See more examples of price change on the Youth card here.

That's a significant increase, which will make it much more attractive to move much closer to his university.

If you think that it is cheaper to take the car than the train after reading the above amendment, so be aware that it is now illegal to tune your car, unless it meets certain conditions for air pollution. You can read more about the conditions here.

Be aware that you are traveling
Had you thought about keeping a more action packed holiday, which has become a trend in recent times, by taking down and fight either for or against the Islamic State, then you should probably consider another destination. It is per. today just been illegal to travel to areas where the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations holder for and participating in an armed conflict. Do you come home from one of these areas, you can look forward to meeting PET at the airport. The Act also contains a prohibition against receiving support from terrorist organizations and this can lead to a prison sentence.

Cash invalid if you have too much abroad
If you've been in high school or had other trips abroad over the past eight years, in excess of a year, so make sure a job and avoid smoking on cash assistance until you've stayed at least 7 years in Denmark within the past 8 years. Do not have it and you should reach the point where you normally point would receive cash, then you will in that case receive integration performance. Integration Performance is significantly less than the cash, but will increase by 1,500 kr. If you can Danish (passed Danish 2)

You can see satserne here.

Therefore, be very aware of your stay abroad, or make sure you get a job and keep it, so do not fall for the border. Besides the lower performance you get by integration performance relative to cash, do not take a vacation.

Knife Act adapted to pressure from population
There has long been a highly debated knivlov, who did all Danes who just scout knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, box cutters or the like on the criminals. This law has now been relaxed, so you can once again go on a fishing trip with a clear conscience. It simply should keep in mind now is not to be carrying a knife on itself among larger gatherings or nightlife. As simple as it may specify. Butterfly knives and other flick knives is still illegal. Read an article from the Danish Hunters' Association here about the law.

Drones and privacy - The law tightened
One of the biggest trends in recent years are drones. Denmark has been very quick to come up with the toughest laws in the world about the use of drones.
Now the government has tightened the rules even more.

All drones must be registered and one must not fly if you do not have a drone signs and you have to have liability insurance if you want to fly drones. Additionally, it is not permitted to fly drone if you have a BAC of over 0.50.

It is only to protect the privacy of the law has been tightened.
Watch the video below from DR TV newspaper - May 5, 2016

High-flying rumlov
A little more high-flying law also come into force today Rumloven. This law requires that you have an approval from the Education and Research Minister, for being allowed to send something out in outer space. It's also not just anyone can get permission. It requires among other things that the operator has the necessary qualifications.

If anything falls space debris to the ground as a result of these activities in outer space, so the operator is also erstatningsforpligtiget. The outer space is defined as that which is above 100 km altitude.
Read more about rumloven here.