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Education Institution The Rhythmic School
Songwriter and Producer bar

In the world of music one may ask whether it is the cool production, the catchy chorus or a good melody which comes first?

It is impossible to answer unequivocally such a question. Often created music of the future in close collaboration between songwriter and producer; and often the soloist also be included in this creative process, therefore it is obvious that the Rhythmic School has Songwriter and Producer line which focuses on the creation and production of contemporary music.

About Songwriter and Producer bar
The line caters to you who want to immerse yourself in songwriting and modern music production methods.

It does not matter whether you have written and / or produced music. It is also irrelevant what instrument you play - whether you are a singer who plays a little guitar or piano, sound engineer or computer-shark, who have already worked with various music programs, or musician who has played for several years, but now want to focus more on writing music.

It has great significance that you want to work with the process of writing and creating music, while also focusing on finished productions and songs, and most importantly you have the courage both to compose and write lyrics, and like arrange both of others and their own music, since working with all these different topics in education.

The focal point of the teaching and the whole creative process is the school's many studio facilities. Here you get the opportunity to develop ideas and compose their own music, record, mix, and much, much more.

This is a process where many items can be included. Beside the course that will get around the different working scenarios about writing, composing and producing music, you can choose whether you want to put the emphasis on melody / Composition, script writing, recording and processing of music, event, harmonization, sound design and remixes ... In short it to be a composer, songwriter or producer.

You work with the whole songwriting process - how you work best in a creative process and how to develop your ideas into finished songs and productions. Naturally the working class therefore also with all the different phases of the process from the very first ideas to a number, and it is finished produced and recorded.

The Rhythmic School has 1 large more analog-oriented recording studio with several recording room, 1 large digital studio, 2 small digital studios with recording room, as well as 10 production satellites in the form of iMac's are keen to music production. All these places are working with both programs ProTools and Logic Studio.

Job Opportunities

Songwriter, producer.