How to get a better character

How to get a better character

Golden Overview is the book that can help you write a better job. It gives you:

  • A template that will help you structure the task from start
  • Practical tips and tricks for your writing assignments that will increase your chances of getting a better character
  • Lots of examples of explanation and inspiration
  • Help to understand difficult theoretical notions and concepts

And best of all: you can read the book in just one hour!

So do not worry if you have difficulty, for example, to write a good thesis statement, or if the method and philosophy of science are hard nuts to crack! It may very many students recognize, and it was exactly what gave the authors the idea to write a book easy to read that in a simple way through all the elements of an academic assignment.

Based on the experience of preparing their own academic assignments, written respectively Lillebaelt Academy and Aarhus University, began the task of creating a guide that is based on the students. The authors know so well that you do not want to read page after page, but instead want your textbooks come to the point!

In other words, they had exactly you, the student, in mind all the time, and therefore grasped it briefly, so you can get back to Pokemon Go, Netflix, fitness center, agreement with friends or whatever else you use your leisure time .

In addition to the book, you can at download free templates, read blog posts and on the whole more help with your writing assignments. The website complements all book, and do you use both, you are well on the way to writing an excellent job.

It's all about preserving the Golden Overview when writing an academic assignment. Well begun is, as you know, halfway complete, and often it is all exactly just to make a start on the abscess. Once the first page is written, everything goes much easier.

If you think the book might be something for you, you can start to become smarter, and get a free sample right here , where you can also buy the book afterwards. You can also buy the book in English here.

Would you also like to get the authors, Lasse runner and Simon Svendsen, out on your education, so they can help your fellow students and answer any questions you may have for the book and / or academic assignments, you are more than welcome to contact them directly here.

Lasse and Simon offer a special lecture for students, and has already - successfully - presented their material and good advice for ambitious young people in various short and long degree programs.

Buy the book here.