Ringsted Festival - Denmark's loving festival

Ringsted Festival - Denmark's loving festival

Ringsted Festival is the epitome of beauty, loving atmosphere and sublime concert experiences! The festival is hidden among hundreds of old trees lit up by fairy lights galore and the 5 fantastic and special scenes.

Ringsted Festival is a festival over three days and has about 13,500 visitors annually. The festival started in 2005 and has since evolved in all possible directions. Now there are children country for the lively cubs, food Mecca for the tasteful foodies and opportunity for everything from champagne to 23 year old rum!

Ringsted Festival distinctive is that you get lots of stuff! This mean among other Ringsted Festival's faithful festival goer Mette: "You cuddling with the neighbor that you see every day. You cuddling with everyone! There a very special loving mood that does not go over the border! "Mette have no idea what makes just Ringsted Festival so loving," It is the just! It is at the festival to get the most stuff throughout the year, "explains Mette while she laughs.

Photo: Claus Petersen

Come easily at the festival!

Ringsted Festival is located in the plant in the heart of Ringsted on Cross Alle 1, 4100 Ringsted.

In the vicinity of the festival, there are few parking spaces. Therefore it is recommended to festival guests staying in Ringsted, leave the car, and comes either on bike or foot.

If you have neither plans and the opportunity to take a bike or go walking, it is recommended that you use public transport. Ringsted Station is 15 minutes' walk from the festival site.

If you still grabs the car to the festival refers Ringsted Festival for parking areas around the old barracks, as well as by the Company Camp.

On Ringsted Festival map of festivalplads- and area, you can among other things, an overview of the scenes location and where the nearest toilets are: http://www.ringstedfestival.dk/festivalpladsen/

Camping areas in Ringsted Festival

Ringsted Festival has three camping areas, each aimed at specific audiences! There's Company Camp, MyCamp and LuxCamp.

Company Camp is the largest camping area on Ringsted Festival, and has space for tents, caravans, trailer tents, campervans or villa tents with access to electricity.

MyCamp is Ringsted Festival's youth camp, where there is space for tents and garden pavilions. On MyCamp is a tradition that young people make theme camps, holding wild parties before the concerts and plays beer bowling galore.

LuxCamp is festival guest who want extra luxury and comfort. There are wonderful bath and toilet, as well as space for caravans, trailer tents, campervans and tents villa with access to electricity. In addition there is the LuxCamp peace and quiet and low-level music!

Disabled in Ringsted Festival

Ringsted Festival is located in Ringsted beautiful recreation ground. In the complex there are paths and good lawns which makes it easy to get around both in wheelchairs and mobility restrictions.

There are disabled toilets at the festival, which is manned by guards. The guards ensures abuse of disabled toilets. In addition, Ringsted Festival an agreement with Colitis-Crohn Association, which ensures that its members can also make use of disabled toilets.

If you have reduced mobility you will be given free swimming tickets handicapbadene in Ringsted swimming pool. Ringsted swimming pool is located close to both the camping sites and the festival site.

Security at Ringsted Festival

Ringsted Festival has its own security alert, as both houses medical, fire and guards whose main task is to create keep a good and safe festival for festival goers!

On Ringsted Festival is introducing something new, a trust ban. Chairs ban covers chairs on the lawn in front Facility scene after at. 19:00 during the concert. Since chairs ban has been created has Ringsted Festival in addition doubled the number of stands- benches throughout the festival site. So there will be ample opportunity to find a seat, despite Ringsted Festival declines camping chairs in front Facility scene.

Ringsted Festival has a rule & aeequals; t that they encourage all guests to read through before they leave the festival: http://www.ringstedfestival.dk/regelst

Throughout the festival there will be police present. To contact the police, you should consult a festival employee who will call the police for you. Also urgent help retrieved through a festival employee.

If you take the festival with children, it is advantageous to arrange a real meeting point, which can look back to if I had to be away from each other. Additionally, you can write your phone number on your child's arm.

Madmekkaet Ringsted Festival:

Ringsted Festival is a Mecca for the hungry foodies! Whether you're at. 2 am missing a night-kebab or whether you should have a fabulous Italian lunch, there are tips to get food at the festival. Ringsted Festival in 2016 expanded their Food offers, and try to uncover all corners of the world with both Indian specialties, Danish pork roast, Colombian vegetarian and of course the messy, American burger!

Besides the food in all its forms, has Ringsted Festival also a drinks menu that says save two! You can visit the Jägermeister-truck on an icy shot, get a nice, freshly squeezed orange juice in Appelsinbar, stop by Dagmar bar to a local specialty or straying you in between the tall trees of Jack Daniel's, which among fairy lights, umbrellas and cozy atmosphere will make for your favorite drink!

Become a volunteer at Denmark loving festival!

Join as a volunteer at Ringsted Festival and make a feast for thousands of guests! On Ringsted Festival, the volunteers behind the festival a unique conjunction, where there are bony, partied and laughed in great style! You can expect full board, access to employee camp and a cool t-shirt!

It is possible to be optional in various fields. You can, among other things included in their security forces, stand in their bars and food stalls, help build scenes and festival space or join their press and marketing team!

Send an application to the Ringsted Festival via the following link if you would like to join the team: http://www.ringstedfestival.dk/frivillig/

Photo: Claus Petersen
Text: Signe Kronholm Kjær Rasmussen