Pokémon Go released in Denmark!

Pokémon Go released in Denmark!

So, the game is also officially out in Denmark! Pokémon Go, which has taken the world by storm is now officially out in Denmark.

The game is one of the most downloaded mobile games ever and has surpassed games like Slither.io, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. Pokémon Go has been so popular that searches on the word according to Internet research company ZhugeEX has surpassed the otherwise often most searched words on Google: Porn.

The company Niantic is behind the development of the game and owned by Nintendo, got so violent a success that Nintendo's shares rose by 34% within the first week after the release of the game July 6, 2016.

To get a sense of how popular the game has become, it has surpassed Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Messenger in how long people spend a day on each social media.

If you're not quite familiar with the game you get here just a quick explanation:

You open a fairy tale world with interactive fantasy, which you need to catch. There are 151 different types of characters that are located around the world in random places, maybe even in your backyard or out on the sidewalk where you live. The game is integrated with a 3D map of your area and when you get to a place where there is a pokémon switches over to mobile camera filming the road where you stand, and shows the pokémon you are on the road right in front of you.

The trick is to catch them with a Pokeball, as you throw after the beast (with a swipe of the phone), then you need to train and develop the animal by feeding it with Candy. Ongoing you also as coach level up so that you become a better coach.

You can train your Pokémon in the so-called gyms where you can choose which team you will be on, blue, yellow or red team, also known respectively Instict, Mystic and Valor. You can attack and take over the gyms from another team, which is the battle part of the game.

Around the world there are located some Pokéstops where you can receive different objects Pokeballs, Pokémon eggs, Revives and Potions.

Have you purchased or are you at a Lure module that attracts Pokémon near Pokéstops you can see the many Pokémon in the area and thus easier to find them and catch them.

People who hunts Pokémon can easily get to go up to 10 kilometers per day, so it is also an effective way to integrate exercise while playing.

You can find a longer, more detailed explanation about how to play Pokémon Go right here.

Many of the users of Pokémon Go have grown up with the phenomenon as a child in the 90s, where both existed as a card game and comic book. Now, it has taken a completely new turn and has gained many more fans, which makes restless around the streets to find the rare Pokémon.

Several places in the world, including the United States, it has created uproar when a rare Pokémon have been found. For example in Central Park, where a so-called Vapereon appeared. Here gathered hundreds of people to find the very rare Pokémon.

Watch the clip below:

Because of the great interest in the game, many companies, especially in the US, decided to use these lures marketing terms by offering discounts to people who are on Pokémon hunting. It is both large and small shops that welcomes to attract hungry and thirsty Pokemon Trainers are wandering around the city.

In the United States have many stores increased their sales significantly after they have created special offers for the Pokémon Hungry customers who otherwise would not come into the store.

Only imagination sets limits for how to use the game for marketing purposes. Now that the game also came to Denmark, in future we will see many more restaurants and the like that will use it in their marketing. Among other things, Burger King and Odense Zoo already taken it to heart.

Source: subsite Productions

Besides that much fun you can have with the game is also encountered a lot of problems as a result of the great interest around the game. In several places, people been hit because they have had their eyes on the phone instead of traffic.

Denmark has created communities among others Facebook, where you can meet and followed around town together to find different Pokémon. If you also want to be with, download the game, select a team, go out and catch Pokémon, meet new people and remember to be careful in traffic.

Good luck - Gotta catch them all!