Pit-stop on a college?

Pit-stop on a college?

The Faculty of Humanities at Aarhus University and three schools are working together on a project called "Take a pitstop!". Pit-stop is offered to students who feel they are stuck in their studies, and lack motivation and energy to move forward. By entering the pit-stop project can apply for a stay at one of the three schools as the University cooperation with - Odder University, Testrup University and European School.

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A stay at a folk high school must as the name of the project suggests to be a place where you can get in the pit-stop, get new wheels, get new spiritual energy in the tank and meet new people who do not necessarily have the same interests as your fellow students. School The stay also opens to a wide range of professional and academic subjects, which can give you a new perspective on your studies and contribute with different skills for your future career.

What is special about pit-stop scheme for students at Aarhus University, will save you 50% off if you join the project and will be recorded. Savings of 50% covers food, lodging, education and the activities that the college offers, but not on teaching materials. The 50% assumes that you are boarder and that means you saw live at the school during the stay.
You can also sign up pit-stop as a day student. The savings are so on the whole 75%, but then the cover price does not lodgings - in other words, overnight you are not at school.

Each semester offers pit-stop project a limited number of seats, so be quick on the trigger to be considered.

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Jens Chr. Skou Road 3, DK-8000 Aarhus C

high schools

Odder High School is located south of Aarhus in Odder and is a high school with many traditions. Odder School accommodates 80 students and offers 50 subjects from different fields of study - subjects ranging from music and dance to film and TV. The courses are very versatile and can be satisfied most needs, since you can combine subjects from different lines.

It costs as a starting point in 1195 kroner per week for a double room and 150 crowns extra if you want a single room. The amount covers tuition, travel, food and lodging. Will you busy through pit-stop, it costs about 600 kroner a week.

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Testrup School is located in the southern fringe of Aarhus, and is a classic Grundvigian college. There are 100 students and the academic focus is on five different lines: music, theater, writing, art and philosophy. Each line has a total of 20 underfag and Testrup University combine academic training with activities such as lectures, seminars, workshops, theater trips, open debates, museum visits, cultural evenings and much more.

As a student at Testrup high school may choose to go on Spring School or Fall School. Spring school has a duration of 20 weeks and Autumn school has a duration of 12 or 16 weeks. All stays include a study trip to a European city.

Spring School 20 week run in 2009 from 29 January until 17 June. A stay in a double room costs 32,000 kroner and 38,000 kroner for a single room. It is then reduced to 16,000 kroner and 19,000 kroner during the pit-stop.

You can see the prices for 16 and 12-week stays at Testrup College website.

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European School is located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Danish archipelago, Kalø. For the European School's academic focus on Europe and globalization is prevailing trend in our world. It also means that you can meet students with many different nationalities.

The courses you can follow the European School include politics, culture, history, journalism, religion, English, Spanish, and practical activities such as mountain biking, sea kayaking and horseback riding on Icelandic horses.

Prices for a stay at the Europa School varies from 28,000 kroner to 40,000 kroner - whichever residence you choose, which included a study trip to a city in Europe, Cuba or the United States. You can see specific prices for European School website and remember to deduct 50% off.

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If you choose to take a high school stay through pit-stop, so you have to take leave from the university for not being statementrevered studio inactive. You must contact the student office at the following:

Fredrik Nielsens Vej 5
Aarhus university
8000 Aarhus C.