Music - Oure School

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses 4 til 25 uger Ingen Oure School
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Duration 4 til 25 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Oure School
Music - Oure School

Music is about expression and to express themselves. Therefore, at Oure School focus on the creative, creative and open musician with a sense of musical narrative and something to say.

Music at Oure School is too ambitious musicians who want something with their music. You get on the high school a springboard to the conservatory and life as a professional musician. You get a broad theoretical and practical foundation and understanding of all music industry's elements - from songwriting and production for presentation and promotion.

Oure School offers:
25-week course (spring)
20-week course (autumn)
4-week conservatories course (autumn)

Today musicians to be prepared to handle all facets of music production itself. You must be able to write songs, composing, recording, stand for publishing, marketing, arranging live jobs and more.

At Oure College music courses is the challenge taken seriously, where bands and artists get a 360 degree career boost.

Music courses are also conservatories. School cooperates the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen to create the best possible music education where the creative, creative artist is in focus. Teaching at Oure School settles therefore close up of the methods used at the conservatory.

Several former students from Oure Music is now at Conservatory of Music.
See a few of the talented musicians from Oure School below:


You are in Oure School taught either your main instrument or singing. It's all the way through professional musicians performing teaching. Your individual courses will be organized from your own level and stylistic interest.

You get to work with different topics that are relevant to your instrument or singing. The areas include counts .:
1. Technique
2. Band Ensemble
3. Recording (focusing on your area)
4. Measure Species
5. Live Performance
6. Sheet
7. Improvisation
8. Interpretation

You also get the chance to prepare you specifically for the music conservatory.
Oure School has two concert halls, containing respectively 5 and 2 rehearsal rooms, a professional recording studio and a host of instruments. As a music student at Oure College are all the facilities at your disposal, also outside the classroom.
It is competent forces behind the music line at Oure School.

Each contributes teachers with a wide knowledge of their specific field. Teaching staff consists of both fixed teachers at Oure College and several with associ- ated, professional guest lecturers from home and abroad, such as Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir) and the American producer Mario McNulty (producer of David Bowie, Lou Reed and others), both visiting college periodically to teach and inspire.

All teachers are professionals, they are passionate about music, and they will go a long way to help you become a better musician. They have the tools. You have the material.

Arts subjects with students from dance and drama line
As a performing arts student at Oure School you have courses with students from the other performing arts lines. Arts, which the course is called, is a weekly practical-theoretical subjects, which represents approximately 4 lessons per week. The subject has, inter alia, aims to put into perspective, inspire and sensitize why we work with art and what it has meant over the years.

On Schools in Oure Sport & Performing Arts perceived the artistic lines that both skills, learning, knowledge and dannelsesfag. The technical skills are practiced through training, and the enthusiasm and motivation is what drives the work. While the focus is on you during your stay you acquire theoretical knowledge and cultural overview, while you develop your personality. Ideally, you tagis from Oure School as a reflective performer.

You can read more about Music and Performing Arts here.
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