Speech Masseur and Sports Treats

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 6 til 20 uger Ingen At Work School
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 6 til 20 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution At Work School
Speech Masseur and Sports Treats

Become speech Masseur and Sports Processor (Medical and physiotherapist examined)
This masseur training you will be primarily taught by chartered physiotherapists - it is your guarantee of professionalism and quality.

At Work School is a masseur school that has trained professional masseurs since 1994. They have many years of experience in massage training and has for over 15 years worked closely with some of the largest companies, so they can ensure that the skills that you get the training as a speech therapist Masseur and Sports Practitioner, always proportionate to what is wanted and needed in the health and sports market today.

See the presentation of the program in the video below:

At Work School education to speech masseur and sports therapist stretches over 130 lessons, where all 90 lessons teaching in massage theory and massage. This training takes place in parallel with the anatomy and physiology teaching 40 lessons that you can read about further down the page.

One particular advantage of their training masseur is that the teaching of massage is primarily carried out by a physiotherapist, ensuring a high quality level and gives you the best opportunity for learning. You will also be taught by one of their experienced masseurs, who daily perform massage by several major Danish companies. You will be taught body massage from scientifically based theories and principles. They work very carefully with health massage, sports / sports and specific claims. There will also be taught the heat treatment and stretching techniques to make your foundation as a masseur broadest and best possible way. The instruction includes also guest teachers who teach in their specialties, for example. facial massage. Massage The course ends with a practical examination. You will be examined by a lecturer and an external examiner, who is also a physiotherapist. When you start the program you will, in addition to the books for anatomy and physiology classes, receive a compendium that contains educational material for masseur training. You will already from the start of training could practice on practical massage home. There will of course also be possible to use At Work School premises to the extent practicable.

As a trained doctor and physiotherapist examined At Work masseur job opportunities are good. A At Work masseur will school leavers will be able to provide knowledgeable, safe and well-founded massage for customers of all kinds. It can be in companies, sports clubs, gyms, hotels, swimming pools, independent etc. The program requires no previous knowledge, only a certain amount of curiosity and interest.

Former student - Steffen Weise
Steffen driver today Mikenta offering various martial arts. He explains in the video below, which qualified teaching he received the training as a physiotherapy masseur on At Work School:

Anatomy and physiology
Anatomy and physiology are the basic subjects that form the basis for our masseur training as well as training for fitness instructor. The course stretches over 40 lessons and is mandatory on massør- and instructor training. If you want to take both massør- and instructor training, you should only take the course once.

The teachers of anatomy and physiology are trained physiotherapists. The emphasis in teaching laid on musculoskeletal structure and function. Biomechanics and functional anatomy is also a major place in schools. You will, through the teaching of anatomy and physiology get a solid theoretical foundation for your practical work as a masseuse and / or fitness instructor.

Anatomy and physiology teaching and the teaching of the practical subjects are coordinated so that the necessary theoretical knowledge of the body is appropriated before it deepened in practice. Anatomy and physiology class finishes with a 2 hour written examination without shelterrebøger and notes. For the evaluation of the sample using the 2 examiners, a physiotherapist and an external examiner, who is a doctor (cand.med.).

Cand.med. Michael Achiam: "As an examiner at At Work School written exam in anatomy / physiology, I can confirm that the professional level to fully meet the requirements for professional massage therapists and fitness instructors. The written exam is not just a" multiple choice test "that would otherwise see it elsewhere, but a thorough examination to ensure that the trained students in possession of the necessary skills."

On the subject anatomy and physiology handed thoroughly teaching materials, including you get access to a wide online anatomical atlas in 3D in term. You will also receive a collection of exercises in anatomy and physiology, which holds past exam papers. These shows you the level and scope of the examination, and do you also able during the training to make targeted exam training.

Anatomy and physiology can be taken as a classroom in Frederiksberg, or teaching on the Internet. The course is particularly suitable for E-learning as you comfortably can listen to the Latin expression and become familiar with the terminology at your own pace. You should expect a certain amount of homework in this subject as part Latin technical terms to be incorporated. They also mention that the theory is used again and again in the practical subjects. You will therefore effectively be taught anatomy and physiology in far more than the 40 scheduled anatomy and physiology lessons. The teaching of anatomy and physiology is educational and living. They have school the attitude At Work School that the subject should be exciting, while the professional level is high.

Former student - Katrine Foxdal
Below you can see a video of Katrine Foxdal who has her own business where she offers weight loss coaching, massage and personal training, and running programs. A good way to combine many of the courses you can take at At Work School:

Former students tell

Former student - Karina Pihl

"The difference I immediately saw that was with At Work in relation to the other places that I had studied was of course as mentioned professionalism, but also that only work from scientific proven theories and that positive was expected bit of a.
Apart from teaching, I studied with a friend who took masseur training elsewhere and here it became quite clear to me that the level of At Work School at all points were much higher. "

Job Opportunities

Masseur, Sports masseur, physiotherapy masseur

Special admission requirements

The program costs 21,500 kroner. You can read throughout the country and on the Internet, and from the day shift, evening shifts and weekend shifts.