Book your cheap car as a student

Book your cheap car as a student

Tired of having to borrow a car from family and friends, you are even 100% beyond when you have a car.

You may go with the idea of buying a car. Why own when you can share with others and at the same time get rid of all the worries of owning a car? It's very few students who can afford to buy a new car and the price it costs to rent a car share with Hertz as a student, then it almost does not pay to leave it.
Car sharing is especially popular in university towns in many countries, because you do not have high fixed costs and may increase or decrease its consumption, as it fits the budget. Therefore, Hertz Parts The car made a student membership, where you save 65% from. Normal.
You can rent the car that fits from time to time, a small Ford, an estate or such. a Ford Transit van, if you have to move.

Hertz Parts car has 120 cars in Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg.
The cars can be rented from 1 hour to several days and booked easily on or parts Car app.

When you join Hertz car parts, under discount code in step 1 key STUDENT - so counting system itself relevant student discounts out.

- You book yourself car online or on the app and download it in its usual place
- Car key in the car, opened with a personal membership card or app
- No fuel costs, insurance, deductibles, maintenance & value - everything is included in the price
- Release for all practical handling icw. damage, service, tires etc.
- Hertz Car Parts ensure regular cleaning of the car every 14 days
- You can use parts cars in the country and run abroad, if you want
- Free parking in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Odense

That is how it works:

1. Parts Cars are on fixed addresses, and you book quickly and easily online car on or through Parts Car App

2. You will receive an sms 5 min. before booking period starts and can now unlock the car with the membership card or app

3. Then enter the personal PIN, and the car can be started.

What does it cost?
For students can become A member of kr. 99, - per month and rental car from kr. 20, - per hour, kr. 200, - for 24 hours and kr. 2.75 per km.
The membership covers you and, if necessary. your cohabiting partner or spouse.
In addition you get 30% discount on Hertz car rentals and 10% abroad.
You can also draw a contingent free membership but then hourly rates somewhat more expensive, hourly starting at kr. 40, -.

Whats the catch?
You will tie for 3 months and prove you are enrolled in full-time studies at along with image of your driver's license, to submit your student. As with SU products offer not forever, you can only get rid of the low quotas for 5 years from the first month you join.
Registration gets you half price; kr. 147.50 (usually kr. 295,) -
The offer can not be combined with other offer of any discount on membership.

You can find parts cars in some of the largest cities in Denmark and expanded. Book smart car sharing right here. Car sharing the rent with Hertz
If you are more about sharing parts car, that is, if I for example go together to the training site and share the cost of rent, it costs the almost nothing to rent a car share. You can try to find out if there are others in your dorm who was interested in being involved to share a carpool.

So you can drive to school in just the car you want (as Hertz have stocked in your city).
Download possibly their app, so you can book cars or see if there are any available. Remember that you can also just book it in just one hour at a time.

There are cars ranging from small two-door Ford Ka for a 7 seater Ford Galaxy or a Ford Transit, for you to be moving.

Even when school is over and it's timefor holidays you have the opportunity to rent a car and drive abroad or in the cottage with the student discount Hertz offer. As long as you are still a student you can take advantage of the offer.

If you would care about the environment, but does not seem to move around the streets of Copenhagen by bike, then Hertz also one of the smart hybrid cars. With a hybrid car you can drive much further on less fuel, as it most often is the electric motor that drives the car in city traffic. At the same time charge the battery when you are stationary. Since it is much less polluting to drive a hybrid than a conventional car, so you can cruise around the city streets with a clear conscience.