SnappCar: Hire a car of your neighbor

SnappCar: Hire a car of your neighbor

Register at SnappCar and access to more than 2,500 private vehicles the next time you need a car

It's easy to sign up at and rent a car for the weekend trip, vacation or visiting friends and family. More than 23,000 Danes have already registered on the country's cheapest car sharing platform, and when you do, you are at the same time reduce carbon emissions and ensure that there is produced fewer cars.
You can rent a car for as little as 100 kr. A day or even less if you can settle for half a day. There is no binding or subscriptions - all you need is to register at and become part of the community.

When you are ready to register, simply click onto the link here and follow the 3 simple steps to get started.

1. Register at
2: Enter a ZIP code or city to see all the cars nearby
3: Send a rental requests and wait for approval

Share The Joy - cash bonus by reference
When you register on SnappCars platform, you can instantly retrieve cash benefits, to share the platform in your network and get friends and family to join. Referral program is called ' Share The Joy '. You can read all about the program here .
Sign up and find your personal referral link under 'Invite Friends' on your profile. From here you can easily share your invitations via social media or mail. When your friend registers, they will receive 150 kr. Off their first booking or 150 kr. On top of the first rental income.

Help make the world a better place
SnappCar is a purpose-driven platform and registered B-Corp . It is your guarantee that the platform is not just after your money. SnappCar operates namely with four bottom lines that binds the community to create positive change and make the world a better place.

1. Social: Local area should benefit from SnappCar
2. The environmental, safety must be improved and the number of cars reduced
3. The employee-related: Good recruitment and employee conditions
4. Financial: Sustainable growth rather than profit

Sign up now at - we look forward to welcoming you!