City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark SU berettiget Professional Courses 2 year Folkeskole Dalum Agricultural College
City Denmark
Student Scholarships SU berettiget
Category Professional Courses
Duration 2 year
Admission Requirements Folkeskole
Education Institution Dalum Agricultural College

Basic course 1
Baseline 1 is for you that starts directly after the 9th or 10th grade, or starting one year after the 9th or 10th grade. You must have minimum 02 in Danish and mathematics. You do not need to have a training agreement with a farmer to start at Baseline 1. You get broad vocational skills that help to clarify your choice of education. You will have to work in projects and you get practical experience while you learn about your subject. 1 basic course lasts 20 weeks (more than 6 months).

Basic course 2
Do you have a training agreement with a farmer, you can enter directly in Basic course 2. You will learn here about cattle, pigs and plants and take tractor driving license and gain practical experience on the school farm. Additionally, there are classes and exams in biology and science. Baseline 2 lasts 20 weeks (over 6 months) and ends with an exam, which gives you access to the first main course.

Dalum Plus
Dalum Plus is the same as Baseline 1 and Baseline 2 in context and lasts 40 weeks. Here we give you - besides all the subjects that are located on the two basic programs - four subjects at C level equivalent to 10th grade. You also get the option to choose an elective: machines or horse where you work in practical subjects. You can thus better opportunities to get an internship or continue your education.

Both the Baseline 1 and Baseline 2 and Dalum Plus includes some weeks where you have to intern at a farmer, either in Denmark or abroad. With practice and schooling combine theory and practice. You may even find internship, but we are happy to help. After the basic course, you internship with a training from an authorized teacher for 12-15 months.

EUX-Farmer is for you that starts directly after the 9th or 10th class bookish strong and feel ready to read at secondary level. You must have minimum 02 in Danish and mathematics. On EUX-Farmer started with subjects about technology, animals and plants. You must also have 6 subjects at C level: Danish, English, social studies, mathematics, chemistry and biology. As part of your EUX education must enter into a training agreement with an internship, at the latest after the completion of the basic course. With a EUX-Farmer read on the scientific studies as agronomist, veterinarian or biologist - or continue on farm management training if you want to become an independent farmer, adviser or consultant in agriculture. EUX-Farmer items over 4 years.

student Progress
Do you like animals plants and nature - while student with graduation from a high school, trade school, technical college, hf or the like, you can take the education of farmers in less time. You have the possibility to be exempted from some of the subjects that you come with your diploma. Student course lasts 10 weeks (basic) + 4 months (1 main course). These two processes running coherent.

1. Main Program
After the placement period of 12-15 months, you can start on the first main course. Here you will develop what you have learned on the basic course and practical training time. After the first main course you can finish the training as an agricultural assistant or continue in education for Farmer farm or farmer plants. If you continue training to farmer, it means that you take in additional internship in 15-21 months. 1. The main course lasts 16 weeks (over 4 months).

Internship time carried out a training from an authorized teacher.

2. Main Course
Once the apprenticeship is over, you can start on the 2nd main course. You build on what you learned in the first main course and in the last period of practice, so you can eventually become qualified as a farmer. 2. main course lasts 20 weeks (about 5 months).

production Manager
If you as a graduate farmer would like to know more, you can start on managerial training in agriculture. The leadership training program consists of two steps. The first step is Production Manager. To start the training as a Production Manager you must have completed farmer traininglate. As Production Manager you will learn to assess and analyze a production, both technically and economically. Training Production Manager lasts 5 months.

Agricultural economist
Want to expand your knowledge as a leader in agriculture, you can start the program as Agricultural economist. To start the program as Agricultural economist you must have completed Production Manager program. You learn how to run a business from professional and long-term plans by working with implementation and strategic tools. Training for Agricultural economist lasts 10 months.

Job Opportunities

You can both be independent farmer or employee on a farm. You can also choose to train you to, among other agronomist.