Medical Certified speech Masseur

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Medical Certified speech Masseur

As Doctor Certified speech Massør you come to work with massage at a high level. The physical massage is a deep massage which is built on a basis of various assumptions. The body is made up of energy that can be felt through massage. Energy structure occurs through breathing and metabolism. Body and soul are inextricably connected vessels. Emotional problems can be seen and felt in the body as energy stoppages (hypertension, cold, restless stiffness). Energy standstill, of can be changed by massage, awareness raising and processing. Emotional changes are only sustained when seen and felt a bodily change. Venepumpemassage causes the ability of the blood to circulate will be much better when the circuit as well as the lymphatic system is stimulated, resulting in both a psychological and physical well-being, which could prevent many disorders.

Massa Gens purpose

Through the massage you learn to relax, so the body's state of stress decreases. When a muscle is massaged, made more flexible thick and tense muscle fibers before closed to the bloodstream, bringing to loosen up the tension and cared for free blood flow. The muscle can now get rid of the accumulated waste products, while oxygen uptake also improved. To remove the tension little by little, and the pain subsides.


We all know for a stressful period when we have too many things on the ears, or there are changes in our lives that we must learn to live with. Stress may prove through various symptoms that do not occur singly or in combination. When the body draws attention to stress, it turns out most often by the following symptoms:

Muscle tension, shallow breathing, myalgia, headache, abdominal pain, hypertension, restlessness in the body, insomnia and fatigue.

muscle tension

When muscles tighten, the muscle fibers thick and closes part of the blood flow. This accumulated waste products, and the muscle will therefore of oxygen, which is a prerequisite for it to be releasing tension again. Thus begins a vicious circle of muscle tension causes pain that automatically causes one to tighten further. The same situation occurs for the respiratory muscles. When respiratory muscles are tense, the chest not provide properly for, which is a prerequisite for a deep breath. Breathing becomes contrast, short and shallow.


If muscle tension occurs over a long period, they can develop into infiltrations. Myös is encapsulated muscle tension with poor blood flow.

The program includes

The theoretical part consists of teaching: # Anatomy # Physiology # Pathology # Clinic Operations The practical part consists of teaching: # speech-body massage # Face Massage # Deep tissue massage # Venepumpemassage # Sports Massage # Sports Injuries main theme is however the physiotherapy massage, which is an in-depth massage that prevents and eliminates infiltrations loosen up tense muscles, increase blood circulation, removes fluid accumulation in the body, works on the digestive system and improves breathing pattern and relieve tension headaches and contribute to physical and mental wellbeing.


Requires no prior training or experience.


The course ends with an exam, which consists of a theoretical examination in anatomy and physiology, the school's doctor is censor, as well as a practical test in a full body massage. After passing the examination will be awarded a diploma and exam papers. After finishing school you will be able to provide knowledgeable, safe and well-founded massage for customers of all kinds, whether you go out and work or start their own clinic.


As the course is very concentrated, there will be homework both in anatomy, physiology and massage training so you thereby get the maximum benefit from the teaching of the school.

duration of Course

Course duration is five months. Starting team twice a year, which is late January and late August.


The course costs totalkr. 16.500, - cash which paid a deposit of kr. 4.000, - upon registration. The balance of kr. 12,500, - paid the first day of the session. By agreement the balance can be divided into five installments á kr. 2.700, -. (Total kr. 13.500, -) The first installment is payable the first day. Then, every first of the month in the following four months.

teaching Materials

The teaching material is included in the price of the course and handed out during the course. In addition, we have produced a few training DVD 'is that you can buy.

Job Opportunities

Medical Certified speech masseur. Masseuse