AM Massage School

AM Massage School

AM Massage School is one of Denmark's oldest and best-known massage schools that educate its students for the Medical Certified speech masseur. Training of Medical Certified speech Masseur AM Massage School alternates between practice and theory in an easily understandable way.

Students who have taken a training Doctor Certified speech Masseur AM Massage School, have found jobs as a sports masseur and masseuse physiotherapy from big players such as Team Denmark, Brøndby IF, the national team in badminton and various Danish cycling team.

physiotherapy Massage

What is Physiotherapy Massage so? Physiotherapy Massage is a "deep massage which is built on a basis of various assumptions. The body consists of energy that can be felt through massage. Energy structure occurs through breathing and metabolism. Your mind and body are inextricably linked vessels. Emotional problems can be seen and felt in the body as energy stoppages (hypertension, cold, restless stiffness). energy standstill, of can be changed by massage, awareness and preparation. Emotional changes are only sustained when seen and felt a bodily change. Venepumpemassage causes the blood's ability to circulate becomes very better as the circuit and the lymphatic system is stimulated, thereby achieving both a psychological and physical well-being, which could prevent many disorders. Massage is beneficial to all, regardless of gender and age. "

Training as a masseur

Training as a masseur at AM Massage School is a good investment in your future. There is a strong focus on health and wellness in our daily today, and this is reflected in the services that ordinary people are looking for in a big way. The masseuses are find employment in a wide range of businesses, from gyms, sports clubs, cycling team larger hotels and private companies. Some trained masseuses vlæger also to start in self and quickly finds a clientele.

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Telefon: 44 53 57 51

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Mandag - fredag: 10.00 - 16.00
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AM Massage School
AM Massage School
AM Massage School
AM Massage School