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Karate is Japanese and means "empty hand" - the art of defending themselves without weapons. There are karate styles with roots dating back to ancient China. Okinawa Goju-ryu karate, as Kayle Larsen is director of, is a self-defense system based on a combination of hard, soft, linear and circular techniques. Karate effectiveness as self-defense rooted among other things, that automates the basic parades, shocks, kicks and movements by training them again and again in various series and combinations, with and without opponent. In the daily training is emphasized that the physical and mental trained in a natural interaction.

The entire body is trained and basic training includes both cardio, endurance and strength training. In addition, work with key areas such as agility, balance, coordination, speed and responsiveness. The psyche strengthened gradually and so does the ability to concentrate. This combination of physical and mental training helps to give you a better well-being in everyday life. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or have trained long for karate is individual group training. You train on the same team, but it is the individual's development and level base for teaching.

Bosei is one of the only schools in Denmark with focus on karate and similar martial arts.

Besides Kayle Larsen, who is one of the best female teachers, you will also be taught by Chris Valles in Shotokan karate.

See video with Chris Valles showing a small selection of Shotokan Karate:

Shotokan karate is a newer type of karate, which is very stylish and the practitioner strives perfection in training. Shotokan-Karate consists of three techniques that you learn one by one, to build the best foundation to build on. Like a piano student must learn to play scales to learn to play quickly and learn which notes fit together, in Shotokan karate learn the basics first, which requires much concentration. The better you get to the basics, the better you get at it afterwards.

A small video from the Garden Dojo: