Bosei sports high school

Bosei sports high school

Bosei sports high school is a brand new sports academy in Denmark. Here you'll take courses in Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Health & Fitness, Water & Outdoor and Japanese. You can be a beginner or a pro.

At Bosei will find a dynamic and international environment where disciplined training, formation and liberalism are paramount. With Sydsjællands beautiful scenery as background you will at Bosei find your focus and achieve balance, physically and mentally.

Why Bosei?

Bosei welcomes you to one of Denmark's most beautiful schools. With us you can learn martial arts at the highest level, receive training in communication and language study trips to Japan and a thousand other things.

long courses

A long course at Bosei is more than just a course. School is a challenging space, trying new and learns more about themselves and others. Here you step out of the boundaries for kicking the doors open on all sides, both cognitively and socially, and to meet each other in a voluntary but binding community that each helps to define. A long course to give you the opportunity to boost your qualifications and develop your skills, but the high school must also be a place to experiment and try new. Therefore, we have organized the long courses in a way which allows for specialization, but also opens up a wide range of subjects, where you can challenge different aspects of yourself. You sign up for the first one main subject that you follow every morning during the entire course. In the main courses, work is systematic and focused, so you ensure a lasting dividends. In addition, a series of elective courses, located in the afternoon. During your course you're going to follow a total of four optional subject, as a long course is divided into four periods of approximately five weeks where you choose one elective in each period. Finally, there is the optional subjects, located in the evenings. Here you can sign up or not, depending on your priorities. You can choose how you tailor your teaching, but it is advisable to avoid technical overlap between the main subject and elective. It should be added that there may be changes in our curriculum, just a few signups subjects may make it necessary to cancel it.

Bosei sports high school

Bosei sports high school


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Bosei sports high school
Bosei sports high school
Bosei sports high school
Bosei sports high school