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City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
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Education Institution Bosei sports high school

Taekwondo is not quite as old contact sport, as one might think. It comes from Korea and has been influenced by Chinese martial arts from around 0. The word Taekwondo is composed of three words: Tae (kick / foot) - Kwon (hand / stroke) - Do (road / way to do it).

Taekwondo differs from other styles of being a full-fledged system of both offense and defense techniques with emphasis on kicking techniques. Taekwondo provides increased body awareness and builds like other martial arts disciplines on the values ​​of patience and respect for others. Teaching is handled by Master Ko Tai Jeong, 9th Dan.

That it is Master Ko, in charge of the daily training will for you as a student means that you get a workout in the world, whether you are a beginner or a pro with one or more graduations behind you. You will get a workout that is tailored to your level and you will be able to modulate the way.

Master Ko has over 50 years experience in Taekwondo and has taught the Danish national team and made sure that we have won many medals. In his tenure as coach was Denmark just after South Korea (which, of course, was no. 1) in the world.

In the course hospitalized a journey to the East. In 2015 it was South Korea trip went to. I visited the headquarters of Taekwondo. The journey is an additional offer paid separately, and there will be normal classes on Bosei if you choose not to participate. Price of the trip depends on your airline ticket.

You may want. choose to study several main subjects at the school in the context of Taekwondo. For example, philosophy, meditation, yoga or Japanese.