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Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses Ingen Bosei sports high school
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Bosei sports high school

At Bosei you will be taught in Japanese from scratch. It is a language whose foundation is completely different from the Western European languages, so you can hardly manage to learn it fluently in five months. But you may be able to lead a simple conversation, just as you can learn to write and read simple texts in Japanese. You also get a thorough introduction to Japanese culture, history and society, and Japanese students at the school will give you the following occasion to practice Japanese everyday.

The method taught in Japanese is through comics, song and Japanese play with more, so it will be fun and nice to learn and not a chore to be passed. There is no need to Japanese in advance as most are beginners. So it's just about meeting up with an open mind and a desire to learn. So is it all too much fun. If you can be a little Japanese already there is an extra team to come in, so you do not go dead for what you already know.

On the other hand you can say that you also learn a lot by learning from you, so you can help the others with it you are strong in, as they struggle with.

Once every semester there will be a group of exchange students from Tokai University and lives at the school in a month's time. They participate actively in the teaching and daily life, and you can practice your language skills by talking with them. That, to talk to people who speak the language and are not as good at other languages, makes you automatically will be forced to communicate in a way so you quickly learn the language.

In the course is inlaid A Japan-travel. The journey is not a mandatory part of the course and paid for separately, but Japanese students it is an opportunity you should not neglect! We live on Tokai University's campus in Tokyo and you will be able to follow several different parts of the university teaching. Moreover, you will experience Japanese culture, business and technology, and we are also a bit of sightseeing. Price of the trip depends on your airline ticket.

Besides the language, there is also much to learn about the culture. In Japan, it is very common with cosplay, where they dress up. The school has a workroom where you can sew your own cosplay costumes or kimonos, the Japanese clothing. There are also small tea room and a library of Japanese literature, such as manga. Last but not least, there is a room with original Japanese calligraphy, so you really get all of Japan into your skin.