Help to find student housing

Help to find student housing

Start early!
It can be a bit of a jungle to find a place to stay in the study so that you can begin to rubbe nails and search well. In this article we will help you to find accommodation when you start your new studio or to move into something bigger. This article deals with tips for colleges, rental housing and housing cooperatives.

Be careful!
When you move out of the housing market, it is important to keep your tongue in your mouth. As a tenant, you are at risk of being scammed by fake listings or landlords require a tower high deposit or rent. We have made thorough research on housing offers in Denmark and have found the most student-friendly ways to get your hands on a student housing on - at the end of the article we list some tips and tricks you can use in your housing search.

Payment Portals?
There are a myriad of pay-portals that advertise with attractive housing and low rents and all sounds too good to be true - it is sometimes too. The problem with these property portals is that it costs money to get access to the owners / landlords phone. In some cases there is no response to requests and sometimes even homes already rented.
A portal to most of us, and have many years in the business is . This is probably the best option if you are late and missing a home. is one of the most reliable home gateways on the market.
You can also find a wide range of selection of leases. Rooms, apartments, housing cooperatives, as parents, etc. on

a gray area
Some residential portals also utilizes a gray area in tenancy, since it is actually not legal to make money on communicating rental housing. Therefore, it is of course only contact you as house hunters pay for - this is bla. been criticized by Tenants Country Organisation. Here is an excerpt from The Rent Act: § 6. For rental residential by dissemination of such tenancies or by exchanging the flats are not allowed to receive or claim payment from the tenant or to stipulate that the lessee is included another legal act which is not part of the rental agreement.
We can at Student Guide therefore only recommend you to read these tips for finding accommodation, and otherwise be incredibly careful what you sign up for.

Collegiate - the obvious choice
Are you a student at a school in your town, so you may want to search a dorm. The dorm room is not in the Villa-class, but cozy homes for very little money. Colleges are also good, since you meet other students and develop friendships and a good network.

We have assembled a large selection of colleges in five major university cities (Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Roskilde and Aalborg) as Student Guide covers - you can follow this link and get inspiration:

Rental housing and Colleges in

Good advice for finding accommodation

Here you can read some tips you will find useful when you move out in search of your new student housing.

  • When looking for a home, then you can benefit from using Facebook or other social services to reach out to your network. If you have a network in just a few hundred friends, who also have a few hundred friends, so you can reach very far in this manner. Of course, especially if you have a good reputation among his friends and acquaintances.
  • Read local newspapers residential section and be sure to call soon on housing ads - you are not the first.
  • Use the local student housing associations or cooperative organizations, if you have an affordable housing. You can also assume that your landlord will not dabble contract or your rent (which does not mean that you can not run into expensive high and high deposit).
  • If you are considering using a private landlord you must be 100% sure that there are tinkering with the contract. Is it a higher rent may be appropriate to get a professional to look at the contract. You should never pay your deposit in cash - it is a clear sign of fraud.
  • Before you sign your new home, it pays to talk to your neighbors, and inquire about the landlord. You can then get an idea of how your landlord treats its tenants, and particularly how fast he is to spread the damage and the like. YouFor more tips here .
  • When you move in, the first thing you should do is to take pictures of your apartment. Your photos are evidence of the apartment's condition when you move in. Is there f. Ex damage, warped windows, old pipes, etc. So can private landlords find to make you accountable when you move out. With pictures of the apartment on the occupation time can prove that the defects were already there when you moved in.
  • If you find errors in your apartment after you have moved in, so it is important that you make the landlord aware of it within 14 days.
  • Otherwise, we recommend that you use your common sense and lets read everything before you sign it. Do not expect that you get your deposit back, so do not pay a sky high deposit. Look carefully at your rent compared to the number of square meters - many private landlords tend to take too high rents. If so, contact the Rent Tribunal in your town via

Here are a few links to good housing portals that you can benefit from visiting before you start looking for housing:

- has a great guide for student and youth housing in Denmark

- here you will find a large selection of leases. Rooms, apartments, housing cooperatives, as parents, etc.

- Denmark's largest property portal with more than 100,000 callouts last year.

- is your best friend on the rental market, where you can find all laws in the field, as well as guides to the rental market

- is also a free portal funded by advertising.

- - portal with more than 1,000 ads online.

- Http:// - get exactly the home you want.

Good luck with your home search!

Do you have any tips, website or similar. you think we should investigate, please send us an email at: