Hartmann 'study and career coaching

Hartmann 'study and career coaching

Successful choice with your own study and career

Want a good study, high job security and an exciting work, so it's a good idea to be in time with the right decisions and choices. As part of a successful study and work on, more and more students personal study and karrierecoach'es and mentors. The duration of studies is often characterized by uncertainty about study, exam management, electives, internships, student jobs and careers.

In Hartmann has chosen to work with students and graduates of these challenges. They do it through targeted study and careers course with a mentor for students wishing level and direction - and through remedial study and career coaching for students who need support and sparring. Their close contact with the business makes them an attractive partner in your way towards joblivet.

Below you can see two types of courses; a targeted course and a course for people who want support.

Targeted with a personal study and career mentor

The successful employee in the future labor market is one that on the one hand the ability to acquire and develop new knowledge, and on the other hand are able to build a network and create relationships across borders. Therefore, it really smart to begin to carve out a network already in the studio. It may be via classmates, school job, volunteer work and social media.

The personal study and career mentor is a counselor for those who want knowledge about what can be done to create success in his study and work in the short and the long term. Along with a study and career mentor you sparring on subjects such as:

  • Clarification and insight
  • Planning your study and work
  • International job search
  • Internship Opportunities - and support to locate relevant organizations
  • Networking and business contact
  • The importance of industry and changing study
  • Application, CV and job interviews
  • Social Media; LinkedIn and job banks

Contact your coordinator for study and karrierelab, Julie Enemark on phone 41211389 for further information.

Clarified with a study and career coach

Study and career coaching is for high school students, students at medium and higher education and graduates who want support in the difficult periods of study and work. Maybe you're somewhere in your life where you want clarification ofthe. Your studio, perhaps you feel pressured and stressed, or maybe you need guidance in relation. Study, contact the business or internships. Along with a study and career coach you get support on issues such as:

  • Work pressure and study related stress
  • Turmoil in connection with examinations
  • Planning and prioritization of time
  • Study, study breaks, internships, student and working
  • Overview of educational opportunities
  • Help with difficult decisions in study and work life

Contact your coordinator for study and karrierelab, Julie Enemark on phone 41211389 for further information.

Who is Hartmann A / S

Konsulenthuset Hartmann involved in the hiring, retention, and advice back to the job. They do this through recruitment, staffing service, advice and newplacement. Their focus is always to create success in human job life.