Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the Beginner

Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the Beginner

Are you an IT student, working with websites such as website programmer and / or designer, you may have to create a beautiful and functional website, but what can you use a website, if you have no visitors? This article gives you some tips on how to become more visible on the search engines with your website.

Working with search engine optimization also known as SEO, involves a whole range of different factors that combine to form the power that makes you visible on search engines.

Internal link structure and design of the website

Search engine optimization goes basically out to build a website that is easy to navigate, you guide all your visitors and search engine botterne around on your website. Is your site easy to navigate and is your internal link structure in order, the search engines will reward you with a high ranking. Quite so easy it is not to erect high in search engines is the fact equally important that other people find your page interesting and how do search engines like Google so out about other people your site is interesting? They do this to other relevant websites linking to your website. This captures Googlebot when it crawls pages on the Internet, find the link to your page from a page with the same subject, it must be assumed that your website is trustworthy on this very subject.


As first before you get started with your search engine optimization, it is important that you find some appropriate keywords to use. There are many ways to analyze the keywords with high traffic, among other things, you can take advantage of Google AdWords Keyword Tool which is a free tool you can use when you have a Google AdWords account. Google Adwords are the ads that appear on Google alongside search results and as often seen on websites. So it is paid click ads, also called PPC short for Pay Per Click. Once you've found your main keyword, you can compare with the words you use on your website, they fit together? If not, you optimize your body. You must use the keywords that you have identified, on your side and in your body, like so many times as possible, without making text unreadable. This way you are telling the search engines what your text addresses and search engines can see you now also using these keywords, you convince them that it is actually what your page is about. When you are playing with keywords, they both added as meta keywords and meta description, this must be done on each side, as it is important you consider each individual page as a page for themselves, with a particular topic. Each side has therefore also different keywords, some of the keywords should of course like to go again, but you can use the same keywords over and over again, you should probably consider throwing all the information about that topic in an article for themselves, then this may appear as the most important on this topic. This way you also get this page to rank higher in search engines when the keywords are typed on search engines.

link Building

Link Building as it is called in the SEO world is a big part of search engine optimization, it is actually one of the most important parameters for how a website ranks in the search engines. Can you get plenty of inbound links from relevant pages to your website, as Google have to perceive it as an authority's side, why the course put your search result high in the rankings. However, it may be your side is new and does not therefore have discovered this yet, what do you do? You build them yourself! Confused? It should not be available for advice on this. You're probably drop over the named link directories, ie pages where people can register their link with descriptive text, some keywords and the category that fits on the current website. You must use. You can also use social bookmarks to link to your website you can also successfully use most social media to build links, such as Facebook, MySpace and others. Always remember when you build links, as far as possible to try to use your main keywords in your anchor texts. Anchor texts are the selected text you have made a link.

Before You Begin

It certainly does not matter how you build links to your website, the main factor is that you have control of your main keywords, your internal link structure that you have tagged diverse imageis and that your text fits on your keywords. This is a very brief and general descriptive article on the topic, the topic is very broad and there are so many instances of great importance for your page will rank high. Among others, of course competition is a crucial factor. Are you in a very competitive market, you should consider getting a professional to perform your search engine optimization.

You can get a few more hints about SEO by reading on Wikipedia's thread on the subject. You can also read more about search engine optimization on this blog . Enjoy!