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As parents - Book your cheap accommodation through your parents!

As parents - Book your cheap accommodation through your parents!

Are you about to leave home and face you and consider whether you need to move in rented apartment or buying a housing cooperative, condominium or perhaps a small house? And have you heard about as parents, but do not really know what it means? Is it time to take advantage of as parents or was it just a flash in the pan when we had growth in Denmark? We here in the article try to answer the above questions, and investigate the best way what to pay special attention to at PARENT.

Around the turn of the millennium was PARENT introduced as an alternative to young people having to rent or buy property itself. It quickly became a popular model and more and more made use of it when we were in a growth period. When the crisis came, the number of parent purchases drastically, but now that we are entering a growth period again, the latest figures show that as parents are becoming popular again.

Lovely apartment - PARENT

As parents Guide:
We have made a guide with four points which are some of the most asked questions.
1. Is it the right time to make a PARENT?
2. What will my parents find out?
3. What do I get out of it?
4. How do you do to create a parent purchases?

1. Is it the right time to make a PARENT?
The assessment of whether it is the right time to buy or invest in anything is dependent on several factors. As mentioned, it is always an assessment and there is not a specific recommendation to you, as a buyer, but we can tell what the trend is in the market and from this come up with an overall recommendation.

As parents are very dependent on the interest rate as it is a purchase to be paid in installments and therefore a lower interest rate would be more attractive to have as low cost as possible. Since we are currently (2015) has the lowest interest rate for a long time, it is therefore very attractive to make a house purchase whether as parents or ordinary purchase.

But since there are very few students who often are subject to as parents who can afford to buy their own home, then it will be the parents who will benefit from the low interest rate if they make a parent purchases.

2. What will my parents find out?
Basically, get your parents exactly the same benefits as any other would do by buying a house or an apartment. There are a number of different tax benefits such that they can draw property taxes, maintenance fees and other charges associated with the purchase from.

If the value of the home increases during the following period will be a good investment because they can sell it to a higher value than they have given it. However, you must pay tax on the profit from the sale.

If the value of the property decreases in the following period will of course be a loss from the sale. However, in times when there is growth, the probability of loss is minimal.

3. What do I get out of it?
As a tenant with your parents, you get a landlord you know well and which should in theory not would run rings around you or take an exorbitant high rent to you live there. Moreover, you can get you can get rent subsidies.

You can choose to buy the apartment or home at a later time to 85% of assessment sum.
When you move away again and sell the property, you can sell tax-free to the market.

4. How do you do to create a parent purchases?
First and foremost, it is important to do away with themselves as parents, whether it's the right thing to do for her child. One should not look at whether it is an investment that can pay off, but more a help to the young. As a young man happens a lot and it will be likely that after a period of his study will move to another place. And what do you do with the property? Is it worth it even for a short period of 3-5 years?

Discussions therefore things thoroughly, first with each other as parents and thus with your child. Find out how much space you have in the economy and talk possibly. with an accountant or your bank about it. Is the decision first taken and the property purchased, then it's not something you just do on again.

Once you have decided to do it, find a lawyer who can help to get a handle on all contracts. There is nothing so bad as a rift in the family due. A bad drafted contract. The lawyer can also help purchase contractone.

When everything is in place and the loan is approved, so all that remains is to get handed the keys.

Follow the trend:
The idea is to always be aware of changes and trends in the housing market. These are often influenced by the political situation, so if you are considering a parent purchases up to an election, you must be extra vigilant, as there may be changes after the election which may influence the purchase.

But you will give your child a good start in life while keeping money within the family rather than let rent be paid to other landlords, then do as parents and join in celebrating your child to save money while you might need to maintain some additional costs, however, will be recouped again through the low interest rates, deductions and tax benefits.

To learn more about parent purchases and tax benefits you can find it here on SKAT's website .

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