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moving Guide

moving Guide

Our moving guide is designed as a small checklist where we lists advice and tips for new students who must move and be in control of the practical things.

First, find student housing and it can be easier said than done. Some students have been prudent and written up by a housing association or dorm company. Are you moving to a new city, then collected the best student residence and colleges .
Find student residence

When you move to a new student housing, it is important to remember to report your move to your new municipality. You can report this electronically over the Internet - easy to do via the Citizen Service , where you must use Digital Signature or Common PIN.
Report relocation

You should also remember to notify your move to Post Denmark, so that your post is sent to your new address. You can join the move electronically and the smartest is to order a special folder where all the relevant forms to your new address.
Order special folder

After you've got your student housing, so you need to find out if you can get rent subsidies. The vast majority of dorm rooms and apartments allows you to search housing. has previously written a guide to look for housing - read more here .
Search housing