Certified Fitness Instructor

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 7-10 uger Ingen At Work School
City Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Kolding
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 7-10 uger
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution At Work School
Certified Fitness Instructor

Become a Certified Fitness Instructor
Physical activity and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle and has really big impact on how we thrive in everyday life and how much energy we have for today's tasks.

As a Fitness Instructor to work with people and help to optimize their training so that they can achieve exactly what they want and feel good workout at the same time. You can thus help to make a big difference.

You learn in training to prepare individual training programs. You will also learn how you in an inspiring way, instruct your customers so that they perform the exercises with a better result.

You do not need to have trained for years to become Fitness Instructor. The most important thing is that you have the interest and, of course, that you would even be physically active.

Approved by Europe Active (EHFA)
At Work School education for Fitness Instructor accredited and approved by Europe Active (EHFA) and thus comply with European standards for quality teaching, academic content and examination for fitness instructors.

Quality and safety training
As a director you must be able to assess the quality of the individual export of the exercises, and based on this motivate the practitioner to perform the exercises correctly. All on an educational and motivating way. We put quality and safety during training very loud. Therefore, you as an instructor could vary and progresses exercising regularly so that your clients consistently receive maximum benefit and maximum benefit from the training. It is also important that training programs are adapted to your clients want and need, and the time they have available.
In order to meet all requirements for a good instructor, consisting At Work School fitness instructor training of a theoretical and a practical part.

Former students said:

Former student - Mette Lehmann
Watch the video below where Mette among other things, talks about his experiences with At Work School fitness instructor training. Mette works daily as Art Director and has about 25 years experience in the advertising industry. In addition, Mette current in the TV2 program "Who lives where?" , Where she as lifestyle expert must guess which people living in selected homes.

Former student - Claus Sloth
"I would at any time recommend this training to others. I'm not even finished taking educations with At Work, the next will be training for Personal Trainers and training as Slim Consultant which I of course be read as E-learning."

Former student - Lasse Nyrup Jensen
"The teaching and especially the teachers have been very inspiring and creative, which has helped me to understand how a director can better go in depth with its clients' needs. In addition, the material, especially in anatomy and physiology, been very good and informative."

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities as Fitness Instructor is good since there is a great shortage of well-trained instructors throughout the industry.

Special admission requirements

The cost of education is 13,250 kroner and you can read throughout the country and on the Internet. Choose between day, evening and weekend shifts.