Cheap study books online

Cheap study books online

As a student at most degree programs are semester start not just a day of joy, where you can again take your customary place at the Knowledge Academy and absorb all sorts of clever words and theories - semester start is unfortunately also an ominous time when the cost of study books can leave you with pasta and ketchup on the plate.

It is not unlikely to throw between 2,000 and 4,000 kroner for new books at the beginning of the semester - ie all twice a year. Another annoying thing is that particular authors to international (English) learning and theory books tend each year to publish a new version of their work. The corrections are mostly to overlook, but has added new syllabus is often necessary to invest in the latest release - the alternative was otherwise buying older students used textbooks. Fortunately, others have been in the same situation as you when they were students. This means that you can find some really good online portals where you can easily, cheaply and above all safe to buy your study books. Some portals are actually Danish-owned and operated, so do not worry about barter and compensation schemes. Another benefit of shopping study books online is that you can find them cheaper than in most bookstores - you must of course pay the postage, but you doing a few pieces together, then the extra expense to overlook.

Study books on the net is a very large net-bookstore with over 1 million books spread across different groups as fiction, study books, travel books and more. also sells music and movies at reasonable prices.

In the section Study books you can find books that are specifically for students. Simultaneously a wide range of eBooks that you can download for free - including economics, statistics, mathematics and other areas. is a really good site where you can compare prices on textbooks and find the cheapest online bookstore. We highly recommend that you use to check where you can get cheaper just the book you are looking for. You can also create a user account at and sell your old college books via a smart ad system. This allows you to make a little money on study books that you do not need more. Of course you can also buy used textbooks from other students at - all in all, a fantastic side. has relaunched their online bookstore and you can blah. shop study books and compendiums at reasonable prices.

Amazon.c is the world's largest online bookstore with an unlimited number of books for all tastes. You can certainly find exactly the book you're looking for on, but you should not necessarily expect to save you a lot of money on it. A significant factor is the fact that is charging excessively in freight - it's hard to blame them when their physical stores are all over the world. It is also possible to buy many used books through

Student Guide also has a place where you can find study books . We do not sell textbooks, but we arrange contact between students, so you can buy, sell and trade used textbooks to other students. The only requirement for using our service is that you register as a user of the system, so you can put all the ads out you want - for free.