ADO Style

In the center of Odense C at the address Nedergade 1 you will find the hair salon ADO Style. The vision of ADO Style is that a quality-conscious service must be provided every time and when it suits you. The opening hours are extremely flexible, which means that she, among other things, is open from 7-19 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so that it fits your schedule.

The owner of the salon ADO Style is called Anna Dorthe Olesen, and describes yourself as being a hairpin. In addition to her salon, she has taught other hairdressers around the eel in various extensions solutions, participated in Fashion Week and the collaboration with models from both Unique models and Elite models.

Besides being educated as a hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist, she is also a trained hairologist, like only 15 others throughout the country. This means that here she takes a hard test of all her clients' hair, which shows how moisture and strength balance is in each customer's hair. The products are then assembled to exactly your hair.

The products here are parabenfree and therefore suitable for you, whatever it is because you have allergies or if you are pregnant. In addition, the products are especially good for you if you want to see a difference in your hair while you want to be environmentally conscious.

Do you want to visit a hairdresser, where you can get the products tailored to your own unique hair, while being environmentally conscious? Then passed ADO Style for a fantastic hairdressing experience.


Nedergade 1, 5000 Odense

Contact info

+45 23 48 58 24

Opening Hours

Mandag 07:00-19:00
Onsdag 07:00-19:00
Fredag 07:00-19:00
Lørdag Efter aftale