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On this page you will find hundreds of housing units suitable for parents to invest in. The leases are mainly located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Kolding and Aalborg. The list of parents purchase topics is being updated daily, so you should not find the one you are looking for, please check this page again tomorrow, where there may be many new interesting listings.

If you want to put a unit, which is suitable for parents to invest in, for sale, it's free to do so via this page. Go to our partner here and create an ad. After you have created an ad, it comes online on this page within one day.

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I Danmarks fem største studiebyer har Investering og
Studiebolig A/S boliger, der giver forventet afkast på 7,8%.

Meaningful investment

Since 2015, Investing and Studiebolig A / S have provided housing for young people in the largest study cities and have provided their shareholders with attractive returns. The concept has become popular because the investment is meaningful for both shareholders and young students.

“I t has proven to be a good investment, because we have gained a good return and thus a rise in value


our deposits, ”says Leif Wilum, who is an independent consultant and shareholder at Investering and Studiebolig A / S.


The shares here give a budgeted return of 7.8 percent. It is high compared to the bond yield currently. is close to zero. The investment of, for example, pension funds is therefore attractive. It is the entrance hall for study accommodation in the country's five largest cities as well.


"Our daughter had to study in Copenhagen harbor, where it is as good as impossible to get a student residence, and therefore the concept from Investing and Studiebolig was perfect for us," says Leif Wilum.

Our daughter had to study in Copenhagen, where it is as good as impossible to get a student residence, and therefore the concept was from


Investment and Study


accommodation perfect for us


Leif Wilum, who is an independent consultant and shareholder with Investing and Studiebolig A / S

Beck Fallesen as chairman and former mayor of Fredericia Uffe Steiner Jen-sen, as deputy chairman.

The organization stays slim to constantly optimize, and the company has obtained a binding advance notice from SKAT, so that shareholders can use pension funds for the investment. It makes half of them use.


“Our goal is to balance an attractive return to the shareholders with good housing for students. It is the desire to help those who have created the foundation for the company, ”says Birgitte Wolmar.


The needs of the young students have been considered throughout and the way they live is taken into account.


“Young people today change tracks


- choose a new study or take a semester abroad. That is why we have made it easy to move in and out, ”says Birgitte Wolmar.

otherwise, she can easily get a new student residence, ”says Leif Wilum.


For him, as for many of the company's other shareholders, it was primarily the desire for a student residence that decided on an investment decision. And a good investment at the same time, too, explains Leif Wilum:


"A good return is of course nice, and it also counts on the positive side that there are no major costs for the director and salary, but that the company is primarily set in the world to help the young students".

For Investing and Studiebolig A / S, it is precisely the mission that is responsible for communication Birgitte Wolmar explains:


“In reality, the idea is that a large group of people have bought a lot of housing and shared about both the return and the housing. It's positive for all parties ”.

Well-balanced business model


Specifically, the concept involves investors investing one share at Investing and Studiebolig A / S and thus gaining access to a student residence in one of the country's five largest study cities; Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Kolding.


"Our shareholders are primarily parents and grandparents who want to secure their children or grandchildren a cheap student residence without the hassle of an expensive parent purchase, but in principle everyone can invest," explains Birgitte Wolmar, who is responsible for communication at Investering and Studiebolig A / S .


The company has a professional board, with former Børsen editor Leif

Young people get access to a student residence when their parents buy shares in Investing and Studiebolig A / S.

Investing with heart and brain


The studios are apartments where two to three young people live together. The rent ranges from approximately 2,400 to 4,400 kroner including heating, electricity, internet and access to washing machine. The communal kitchen is furnished with everything needed and in the rooms there are lamps and curtains. When the young move again, they get their whole deposit back if they just paint the room and have not destroyed anything.


“My daughter has been very happy with the solution. She lives with two others, but can lock her own door. Because everything is thought of, the young people must in principle only have a bed and desk with. It's easy to move in and if she wants something



Shareholders contribute capital to housing against an expected return of 7.8% and security for a student residence for their children in one of the five largest study cities in Denmark.


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