Here are the cheapest bike insurance - and how you avoid your bike is stolen.

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Most of us know it. We have to leave in the morning, but our bike is not where we left it the night before. In the first half of 2015, was stolen just over 25,000 cycles .

Therefore made an analysis of the Student Guide, the cheapest bike insurance. For where is the shame to his bike stolen and then not being able to afford a new one if you have not mastered the insurance.

Before the various bicycle insurance were comparable, was added some criteria for the analysis. These include that it must be possible for all Danes to become a member of each insurance company and get the bike insured without requiring special memberships, eg Plus Company and the companies must have an online key-yourself function.

Then was added a case up. Assay case person is a 35-year-old man who lives in Vanløse with her boyfriend. The bike is on the "Play" costs from new 10,000 kroner. It is part of their home insurance, with a deductible of 2,000 kroner.

The analysis shows very quickly that there are big differences in insurance rates with the various companies. The average price of the insurance is 2,361 kroner, but there are entire 2,600 kroner to difference of the companies!

The graph below illustrates how much difference there is between the companies, so you can see how your current company ranks.

But how do you guard against your bike is stolen?

Tip number one is that you should always lock your bike, of course. If it is not locked covers the insurance company not the loss of your bike, so in the case above, it would be 10,000 kroner directly out the window. Nobody can afford.

But it is not just any lock your bike to be locked. Some insurance companies require that you have insurance approved lock on your bike. It is for example a wire lock from Albus, available for under 100 kroner. So it is worth saving 10,000 crowns on a new bike by having a lock for under 100 kroner. You can view the entire list of insurance approved bikes at Free Bike Shop here .

If you live in an area where it generally takes many thefts, it is perhaps an opportunity to take the bike up in your apartment or if your bike can take the wheel and take it into your apartment.

If you live near a train station, or to be away for the weekend, there is almost always a "cage" you can close your bike into which is locked. In many places it costs money, a small token amount, but in some places it is totally free. So if you live 5 walking minutes from the train station, it is definitely worth checking out if your bike can be safe and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you can get away the next morning as planned!

If you do not quite fit in case the person, but still want to know where you get the cheapest car insurance, you can take advantage of comparison portal by clicking here .