A-boxes what is up and down

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A box is an insurance policy for you, should you be in a situation where you do not work. With an unemployment fund paid a fixed amount each month - thus requiring cash assistance if you should be out of work for a long as well as short term. There are well over 30 insurance funds which are recognized by the state, and therefore it is important that you familiarize yourself with the conditions of each and every one of them, when you need to select your preferred fund. The performance is the same, but there may be several hundred crowns to save each month.

What is an a-box?
A fund is an abbreviation for unemployment insurance, and it is an economic insurance policy in the event that you lose your job. When membership of an unemployment fund, you ensure you a monthly amount higher than you would get through government support in the form of cash. However, it is not a classic insurance company, because the money in an unemployment insurance fund from workers' labor and quotas amount to be paid by members. The organizations do not make money on running an unemployment fund because it is built on the ideal of having an insurance against unemployment and nothing else.

Why do I need an unemployment insurance fund?
An unemployment insurance is basically an insurance policy of your economy. To ensure yourself monthly installments equivalent to more than the alternative of cash. So you get more money out of being with a member of an unemployment insurance fund, if you are in the unfortunate position of having to choose between the economic contribution of either cash benefits or unemployment insurance fund. A box is a healthy alternative for those who do not wish to receive cash benefits, but at the same time it is private organizations that are behind, and therefore there is a difference between how you are treated in each.

Comparison of prices for easy savings
A-boxes are different, and therefore it is necessary to choose carefully if you want to find the biggest savings. There are a myriad of unemployment funds, which are all operated through private organizations even put their requirements and level of service, price and overall quality. It can be a great project to go through all these possibilities without much knowledge in this area and therefore it may ultimately be a good idea to seek advice when choosing your fund. With proper advice you will find the solution that best suits you.

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