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City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Professional Courses 18 eller 30 weekender Ingen At Work School
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Professional Courses
Duration 18 eller 30 weekender
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution At Work School

Become Zoneterapeut
Reflexology is today probably the most recognized alternative treatment in Denmark and you can here be trained reflexologist at one of Denmark's oldest reflexologist schools.

Reflexology is offered today as part of the interdisciplinary treatment of a wide range of companies, and is a regular part of health plans offered by such. Falck Health Care, Health Care Denmark etc. Likewise, there are many private taking greater responsibility for their own health, and there are blemishes in the family, many choose an alternative treat for both children and adults. Not least use many reflexology to prevent the occurrence of flaws and we see athletes in class are also frequent users of reflexologist the professional insight. Through health insurance Denmark is now possible for grants to reflexology for their members.

You may be reflexologist at one of Denmark's oldest reflexologist schools - At Work school:
Good job opportunities and a working life where you decide. You help others stay healthy. Get a recognized training that provides both job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Reflexology - past and present united
In reflexology, work is on foot reflex zones because the body including having areas that reflect the body. If a body area or body weakens or overloaded, the respective foot-zones sore. It has been known both in the ancient Egyptian and in many other cultures. In 1916, the relationship between the body and feet zones rediscovered and systematized by the American doctor Fitzgerald. As Zoneterapeut will thus mastering a 100 year old treatment, which in truth have found their place in today's treatment and healthcare schemes. On a European level Denmark is a leader in research in reflexology, and scientific tests show good effect in a variety of disorders. Students from Natural Medical Training Center has participated in several of the research projects in Danish hospitals. Every other seeking alternative treatment, getting reflexology or massage. Scandinavia is the area where reflexology is most prevalent Zoneterapeut unions are also in health care met with respect and interest, Reflexology can in many disorders replace or complement medical treatment.

Programme structure
Training of Zoneterapeut extends over 660 lessons. The 360 lessons taken here at Natural Medical Training Center, and is composed of 9 modules. Below you can read the contents of all modules. You get on the training given a thorough compendium for each of the 9 modules, and also receive the book Practical textbook in reflexology by Hanne Marquard.

You learn about reflexology basic techniques and zones location. After this module you will know all the foot reflex zones and be able to treat them. Moreover, you will learn about: Techniques for heating and relaxation Venepumpeteknik on the lower legs.

Here you go in depth with the techniques from Module 1. You work with zones context of larger systems such. digestive system, immune system, the circulatory system and the endocrine system. Moreover, you will be taught: Zones to the skeleton, muscles and nerves Interpretation of the foot's structure, coatings, tissue temperature, flexibility, color, etc.

The focus here is on traditional Chinese medicine. This is a diagnostic method that gives you good overview of the symptoms of context. You continue to work with reflexology, but learn new combinations of foot zones and gain greater insight into symptoms of the context of the individual organs. You will learn about: Yin / Yang theory 5 element theory Body Clock: About bodies mutually energy context and their connection to body tissue and senses.

Reflexology is now combined with meridian learn. Meridians are the energy lines to and from bodies, and they are vital for bodies, body systems and muscle condition, and you use them both for diagnosis and treatment. You will also be taught: The agencies' functions and their disease symptoms, Record keeping of all relevant issues to the client - behindreason to structure and evaluate a course of treatment.

You go in depth with the meridian doctrine and begins with preparation learn. Using preparations will get more treatment and it promotes greatly your results. You will learn about: herbal medicine history, herbs content, features and application Selection of tinctures, tablets, poultices, ointments, homeopathic remedies and other natural medicinal products.

We go in-depth understanding and application of the products. You work with clients from the outside and combines reflexology, meridian learn and preparations. Preparation Lessons are supplemented with teaching in immunization therapies. These are important for immune function, infection, allergies, inflammations, etc. You are taught: Immunotherapy and symbiosis therapy.

You learn exciting new ways of understanding of the body, which is body awareness as well as distal points Acupuncture points that affect larger body areas. We will also in this module take clients from outside, so that you through his work with records and crafts can see the effect of your subject. You will also be taught: Nutrition principles and teachings of fats, proteins and carbohydrates Patient Psychology - a good tool for better understanding of your clients' problems.

We continue further education in patient psychology. To all this must take root here too we apply the method to external clients. You'll get through this opportunity to present and discuss treatment cycles with your teacher and your fellow students. In this module also taught: The therapeutic use of vitamins and minerals where they are and what their beneficial properties are Patient Psychology Part 2.

This is also the module where you go up to a written and practical exam. You treat clients from the outside, providing complete treatment and comes with preparation suggestions. Some of your records will proceed to review the examination. Other interesting topics are: Advertising and professional relationship - how to get started! How to make a brochure for your upcoming clinic? What are the requirements for clinic operations and accounting?

Going on the last day of the session and consists of: A written exam about reflexology and theory and a practical test where you are dealing with an external examiner.

Education in anatomy, physiology and pathology:
The other 300 lessons of anatomy, physiology and pathology takes you as E-learning and it is offered free of charge to all students Zoneterapeut program. Exams and books purchased separately alongside.

Testimonials from former students:
Former student - Anja Hertig
"My time at Natural Medical Training Center, I remember as cozy. The school is characterized by a good atmosphere, where people are not afraid to ask something. They emphasize that we have no social together so we can contact each other later on. Workers learn how to assess pathological picture of you get a foot in the hand. In addition, you learn to see the whole person, both the physical and the mental part. "

Former student - Julie
"The best part about reflexology is that the body tells a lot, and I can feel it all in the feet. It works both physically and mentally, and my clients have good reactions. One can treat all people, both preventive and in relation to specific diseases. "

Former participant - Lise Breusch Larsen
"Of Medical Training Center is characterized by a professional and relaxed atmosphere, and it lies a beautiful, central location. I was extremely pleased about my teacher at the studio. She shared out an incredible knowledge, and put a huge human involvement in each student. "

Job Opportunities


Special admission requirements

The cost of education is 42,500 kroner and you can read in Frederiksberg and on the Internet.
As a trained reflexologist can offer your treatments VAT-free, if you meet SKAT criteria.

Read SKAT's special booklet on Alternative Medicine and other healthcare professionals

The 660 lessons teaching you get through the program to Zoneterapeut here at Natural Medical Training Center meets the requirements of IR in relation to the exemption.