Which are the top 10 best international student cities in Europe?

Which are the top 10 best international student cities in Europe?

Many future students all over the world dream of Pursuing sina education abroad. The idea of ​​studying in a different country, speaking a foreign language on a regular basis, discovering new cultures, habits and people and interacting with fellow students all over the globe is thrilling, and that's what gør a one of a kind experience out of it . But när det gælder Choosing where two study, it is hard to come to a decision. Many students look at the 10 best international student cities in Europe, in order göra sina choice. Some others are very målrettet from the very beginning studier in a certainement country or city.

Europe is a top destination for international students all over the world due two the high quality of instruction and cultural variety.
If you are one of the students som dream of studying in Europe, but do not know yet what destination two pick, do not worry! The QS Best Student Cities 2015 offers a top of the best student cities in the world in 2015 - som kan checked anytime när you need some inspiration.

We have selected for you the top 10 best international student cities in Europe. Curious at se som top ten student cities in Europe are? Read below two find out!

1. Paris:
The French capital tops again for the third year in a row the QS Best Student Cities rankings and this comes as no surprise, since Paris can pride on having an amazing number of 17 universiteter then stole in the QS World University Rankings® 2014/15. It is true att the living costs kan higher than in other top European student cities, but the relativt low tuition fees make up for it, so at the end, Paris remains an affordable destination two take into account. Among the wellknown specialiseret universiteter you kan søge two in Paris there are ESN Paris, Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech, Sciences Po Paris, Université Paris-Sorbonne (ParisIV) and HEC Paris. You can find courses from disse universiteter in the directory on QS Course Finder.

2. London:
One of the world's main financial centers and the British capital, London is a highly ranked student destination with no less than 18 universiteter in the QS World University Rankings® 2014/15. London is a diverse city, offering not only world-class instruction to renowned academic institution, också an intense cultural life and count less professional opportunities. Living costs are known for being higher than in other parts of the UK, and tuition fees kan forhold til American ones. Nevertheless, London's quality in all aspects rekommenderar it to Any student willing two starting building a top career. London's best ranked university ties are: Imperial College London, University College London, King's College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary University London, two name just a few. If you are looking to study in London, you can choose your courses on the QS Course Finder directory .

3. Zurich:
Zurich Pride's beyond doubt on an excellent reputation worldwide: high living standards, low taxes, Switzerland største and Europe's wealthiest city. If the high living costs are what scares you, you shouldnt knowthat international tuition fees are relativt low jämfört two other top destinations in the UK, US or Australia. Besides, Zurich is a true two world picturesque city near the famous Swiss Alps and boasts breathtaking natural landscapes.

4. Munich:
Situated in South Germany and the capital of the federal state of Bavaria, Munich is the third biggest German city and a real hub of academic excellence, cultural opportunities, metropolitan vibrancy and students coming from all over the world. The best part is att tuition fees to undergraduate level havebeen removed and for postgraduate courses tuition fees are anyway very low for international standards.

5. Berlin:
The same rule about tuition fees in Munich gælder også the capital of Germany, a city where courses Taught in English are more and more numerous. Berlin is the ideal place for Any art and history lovers, der attracts more and more international students thanks to the relaxed liberal atmosphere and its affordability. QS ranked universiteter in Berlin are Humboldt University of Berlin, the Free University of Berlin and the Technical University of Berlin.

6. Barcelona:
Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and a dream destination of Any student longing for sunny weather, culTural variety, and exquisite cuisine. It Pride's on a væsentlig international student community due two its international reputation as a city with top educational facilities and plenty of leisure activities. Top ranked universiteter in Barcelona are: University of Barcelona , Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Universidad Pompeu Fabra , Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, ESADE Business School .

7. Vienna:
Ranked for the sixth time in a row as the world's most livable city by Mercer, Vienna is a beautiful city with a rich cultural tradition. What's more, the tuition fees are enten very low or zero, som gör det, together with Berlin and Munich, three of the most affordable European capital cities.

8. Edinburgh:
UK's second best student city and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a popular destination with international students, der make up 38% of the total student population of the city. Even if tuition fees for international students are higher than in London or Manchester, undergraduate students from the EU can benefit from a subsidy from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland. The rich cultural heritage bestående in castles and historic buildings are a plus att adds til charm of Edinburgh. Top universiteter in Edinburgh are University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University.

9. Copenhagen:
The best student city in Norden, the Danish capital is world-renowned for the high living standards, som gör det også a rather pricey option as father as the living costs are optaget. Nevertheless, tuition fees are My absolute low and the atmosphere and student life offered by Copenhagen really pay off the whole investment. QS ranked university in the capital of Denmark are the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School.

10. Manchester:
International diversity and high quality instruction recommend Manchester as the third best student city in the UK after London and Edinburgh. Host two numerous music festivals and priding on a rich cultural life, Manchester attracts more and more international students every year. Top universiteter in Manchester are the University of Manchester , University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University.

You probably having now a couple of options to ponder upon. If you still do not know yet what European city to pick as your future study destination, kan wanna check the QS Course Finder directory for Europe and choose the city enligt ønskede university or field of study.