Vindegade Driving School

Vindegade Driving School

Vindegade Driving School you will find as the name suggests in Vindegade - just 5 minutes walk from the railway station in the heart of Odense. It offers a driving license for car and motorbike and starting new team at least once every month.

Driving School offers you a always happy and enthusiastic teacher who puts focus on your exact needs, and follow your development throughout the course.
Tina's instructor at the driving school and take pride in educating students for responsible and skilled drivers. You will also find Kenneth has worked as a driving instructor for more than 25 years. So here is the experience top notch.

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Vindegade Driving School is a member of the Association of Free Driving instructors. This is a guarantee that you will have a safe and good process. At the same time you as a student secured with appeals tribunal and guarantee pool!
Winning Gades Driving range in price in the sensible end, without putting quality at risk. A course taken typically 10 weeks, but then you also completely ready for all the challenges you may face as a driver.

Winning Gades Driving objective is clear: You must pass both the theoretical and practical part the first time!

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Here is one sample of the many warm recommendations:
"One of the must I had my driving school, was that it should be a female driving instructor, which was one of the reasons why I chose Vindegade driving school - it along with some was such an amazing woman like Tina was ONLY a plus.
Right from the first hour theory was felt very welcome and at ease right away. There was room for both comfort and fun, while getting the theory that you have to have. Run timers in the white lightning was always pleasant, and you always got his wish fulfilled if liiige was something that should be refreshed.

I would highly recommend Tina's driving school. :-)
" have only seen and hørtfra happy students who received their licenses in Winning Gades Driving School. Tina and Kenneth get many roses on the road, and the prices are very student-friendly. You have to take a driving license in Odense winds Gades Driving certainly the obvious choice.

Student Discounts

Vindegade Driving School does not offer student discounts - tilgengæld you will always find a fixed low price!


Vindegade 41
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Telefon: 2941 2739

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag 07.00 - 23.00 weekend efter aftale


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Vindegade Driving School
Vindegade Driving School