Win in poker, period!

Win in poker, period!

Many students, especially male, loves to play poker. Not just with friends over a cold beer, but also on the web. And most who play online makes it largely due. Earnings from here. For there is something we Danes are good at, it's the glossy other nationalities in poker.

As a student, you know, that you can always improve and learn something new. A new Danish poker site gives free the best poker tips away, teach you to bluff, show you good video poker tournaments will take you to other sites about poker. The only thing you need to figure out is where you want to play when you have finished reading the page. For Win in that since states link does not go to the casinos and you can trust the information on the page, since it is independent. With permission from Wind in brings here parts of the content, and link to the rest. Enjoy!

The golden poker tips

Here are the first three of Wind in's ten golden tips for poker.

1. Close emotions completely out! You are doomed to lose more than you win, if you lose your head in poker. In the sense that you never have to let emotions rule your poker game if you play to win money. This is easier said than done. The undersigned, to be classified as a calculating, cynical poker player has even lost his head in the course of time. Do everything you can to avoid this. Close to chat if it disturbs you, or if you are emotionally affected by someone to chat to you. Focus on mathematics and psychology and not on an opponent has unreasonably much luck.

2. Distract other players ... With the way you play against an unbalanced / emotional opponent, so take advantage of this. Tap bit for that each time he loses. Brag about when you win. And show your cards when you have bluffed you to a pool of him. Be careful not to go over the limit and create an enemy image, so your concentration moves over to him instead of the game. Be not directly nasty ol This is not accepted in many online casinos and is also not good style. Finally, the effect of an unfair, unpleasant way of being not as effective as the elegant, superior style.

3. Change the style of play during the game, many poker players are playing exactly the same way - always! These players are extremely easy to milk for money and it must also do. But above all, do not be the person that gets milked! Make sure to play sensible, but unpredictable. If you bluff every time, go with the others out of it. The same if you never bluff. Bluffing you every time you win typically part at the beginning and lose so it all. Bluffing you never, you win never very slowly and lose your money. If you play against someone who is bluffing all the time, so wait until you have really good cards. Pretend you have bad and see your opponent go all-in. You go by and milking loose. Conversely we have the secure player who never bluffs. Raiser this, or go all-in, then fold unless you have a very good hand! It is safe tips that never goes out of fashion and you can win a lot of tournaments with low stakes (new, not so experienced poker players play here) with this tip. Indeed, we would argue that it is the golden tips to ensure you an hourly wage of at least 100 kr. On average at the right online poker game. Read the last seven golden poker tips


Rakeback is something very few students poker players know, but it's worth reading more about. Because you can earn many thousands a month on it and so needed student job at the grill bar's not more. Rakeback comes from the word Rake denoting the fees different online poker rooms require from their players. If you participate in real money games, so calling the poker room a fee or rake of approximately 5% of the price of participation. Rakeback is thus an expression that you are certain places can get a portion of this fee back. Typically you can get 25 - 40% of your fee back. Most ordinary poker players, even those who have played a part online, have never heard of or found out what Rakeback is. This is, however, an all-natural cause. Rakeback offered is not of the major poker rooms, most Danes play. This is because they simply do not have to offer it. Instead, they use money on advertising to attract playe. Furthermore, it is often through a network you can make the agreement and not directly from the provider of the game. That does not scare you to get started with rakeback simply because you are not accustomed to smaller poker rooms and Rakeback agreements. The "smaller" poker rooms is not so small even rakeback is quite easy to get started and played just over 5 hours a week can earn several thousand kroner extra on your game! Read more about Rakeback here

Poker video clips

See Mikkelsen get the best possible hand in poker at the World Series of Poker here. See more entertaining poker videos

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