Need to know - if you need a driver's license!

Need to know - if you need a driver's license!

To take the driver's license is not something you just do, and is often an extensive process. Taking license requires many hours of training both theoretical- and practical courses in first aid, turn on the control path, course on Safe Driving Systems and more - not least a considerable amount for your driving school. Therefore, it is important to make a number of considerations before you even contact a driving school.

It may be that one is much pressure on her studies while also spending much time in a student, and thus do not have the necessary time, and the profits to be made to be ready to pass his driving test. It could also be that you simply do not feel ready for the great responsibility it is to drive a car safely on the road. However, one must also assess whether it is necessary to have a license here and now, or whether there might be an idea to wait until you feel more prepared. Last but not least, it is also extremely important to find a good driving school which takes you and your needs seriously and has the ability to jointly with you, to make you a good driver.

You can start with your driving school three months before you turn 18.

What does it take to get a driver's license?

To acquire a license in Denmark, you mentioned earlier have both theoretical and practical training, pass a series of courses and have a medical certificate. Last but not least, you must pass a theory test and a driving test. If you pass this, you are entitled to have your driver's license.

Specifically, this represents:

  • Theoretical teaching which constitutes minimum 29 lessons of 45 min (teaching)
  • Practical lessons which constitute at least 16 lessons of 45 min (driving in traffic)
  • Teaching at Maneuverable constituting minimum 4 lessons
  • Education on Safe Driving System which constitutes minimum 4 lessons
  • Passed First aid course for at least 8 hours.
  • valid medical certificate

Note that the above are the minimum requirements and that in the event expect more lessons. In most cases, your driving instructor assess whether there is a need for more lessons in a given area. Many driving schools offer theory classes for 2-4 lessons of time, and most have practical training in 1-2 lessons at a time - this can vary from school to school, and can often be customized to your needs depending on how flexible the selected driving school is.

You will in the theoretical lessons will be taught how to behave in traffic and act in specific situationer.Efterfølgende be taught the same content in the practical lessons, then you have for example. learned about right and left, it would be this one works with the car.

In the teoretiske- and practical training included inter alia the following areas:

  • Stopping and parking
  • Right Turn
  • left turn
  • Driving in intersections
  • Driving in heavy traffic
  • Driving in trafiksanerede areas
  • highway driving
  • dark Driving

A common license-course often look like the following:

1: Three months before you turn 18 you take contact to a driving school and decide to take advantage of this.

2: You obtain a medical certificate from your doctor which tests whether you are physically able to start the process. Assuming you declared fit you can move forward in the process.

3: Your driving instructor and you fill out a form containing your full name and address, social security number and, of course, date and signature. It is also this schema as follows you through the entire process.

4: Then you start on your first theory lessons, and after the first 3-4 lessons will often have to maneuver trajectory (playpen) where you first come to at sit behind the wheel. Here you will be introduced to how to handle the car's settings and where you must pay special attention. It is also where you first will lead the car. In short trip on the maneuvering course an introduction to run in "real" traffic.

5: You will then receive continuous theoretical and practical training in the subjects, as required by law. Once you have received all statutory lessons you will have to Safe Driving Systems.

6: On Safe Driving System will get a deeper insight into how the speed, steering, braking and other factors that can greatly affect your ability to drive the car safely. You will all along be alone in the car, but still be in touch with your instructor via radio / walke-talkie instructing you in the various exercises.

7: After completing and passing the course of Safe Driving System, and if run doctrine judge you ready, you can now start your theory test. Here you have to answer 25 questions about various traffic situations. You may have up to five errors to the test. You get more than 5 mistakes you should take your theory test again until you can pass with five or less errors. (There may be some waiting time associated with your theory test, depending on where along the country you are - rarely more than 14 days.

8: Once you have passed your theory test, you can book time to take your driving test. Driving test must be made in the school car as you drive all the car you are used to driving in. A sample expert will be present throughout the test. The sample can include driving in town, on road or a combination. The test takes about 30-45 minutes, which is also set aside time for you to inspect the vehicle or parts thereof. The purpose of this test is of course that the police ensure that you have achieved the attributes needed to lead a car safely on the road. (Note that there can often be delays in getting an appointment for your driving test. It is in most cases in big cities and you can benefit from taking your driving test slightly outside of these)

9: If you pass the driving test you will be issued a temporary driver's license, and you can then legally drive a car. If you are found not to be, you can order a new driving test and, if necessary. extra driving lessons, if required.

Note that you must have passed the mandatory first aid course to get your driver's license. Do you already have such a certificate, you do not do anything. If you have not received this course offers many driving schools it themselves, or can refer you to a course place.

Good advice is not expensive! is in regular contact with young people and students who feel ill-equipped to choose the right driving school - it's actually a really good reason! Many driving schools promise gold and green forests, and the prices are so cheap that often the ointment, however. In many cases, they promise a package, for example. 6,000, but "forget" so to tell that there will be a wide range of extra charges, extra driving and theory lessons. Last but not least, there are driving instructors who simply are not skilled enough to teach you the things that are so crucial for you to become a good driver. We have also become familiar with students who have been harassed, bullied and subjected to inappropriate physical contact.

We spoke with the lawyer in "Consumer Council Think" , Jacob Steenstrup, which says: "To take the driver's license is not just a matter of getting the right to drive on the roads. It is also a matter of being well prepared to drive safely and avoid getting hurt in traffic. Therefore, it is alpha omega demanding value for money, and to have equal focus on the quality of teaching, as on price. Although mostdriving schools fortunately sensible and pupils will be the best there is, as in so many other industries, it never stopped brådne wells have increased focus on earnings than on delivering the goods. Wherefore, do yourself a favor, a critical approach when choosing driving school. It may ultimately be an expensive place to save if you are due to poor quality teaching have to pay for several hours or driving tests before you pass. "

Jacob has a very specific advice if problems arise: "Complain to the Board for Driving lessons, if you are unhappy with the driving school and / or the driving instructor, and it fails for you to reach an agreement."

We have also spoken with the President of Danish Driving Instructor-Union , René Arnt who said: "I share the opinions of the Consumer Council, Think and would add that it is important that, before running the program initiated and paid for it in writing received an overview what you pay for and particularly what conditions if you want to switch driving school. It is also important to immediately expresses its might. dissatisfaction, so that the driving school will have an opportunity to change things. Additionally, you can choose to provide a bank guarantee rather than paying the whole amount in advance. "

Ask for help
As a young man, it can be really difficult to know which driving school to choose and especially NOT to choose. has spoken to a number of players who are experts in the field. We have also talked with the Consumer Council, the Danish Road Teachers' Federation of FDM and not least the Danish Driving Instructor-Union who work everyday to advise and guide future students to choose the right driving school. Besides this they also work on expanding the rules laid down in the various pieces of legislation including what is minimally required by the driving school, rules for marketing and transparency of prices / offers, and not least to ensure the student's rights as possible. A number of the good advice you can read about below.

Research the market
It is also extremely important to examine the driving school thoroughly before starting a course. One obvious option would be to ask your associates whether there is one or more familiar driving school and what their experiences have been. You can also look at Facebook as often provides a quick overview of how real driving school is. Here you will find in many cases also the opinions of former students, so in this way you can compare this information and see if things make some sense. You can also use Trust Pilot as another indicator.

Try a free hour
You can in many cases also try a free theory lesson at many driving schools, this can give you an insight into how the driving school teacher, and it is a style that suits you. Worst case scenario then you've got a lot of information, and only spent about 2 hours - time that can be very well spent, if it turns out to be a bad driving school.

Find your local driving school
You can find a number of local driving schools in Select the area that suits you best Copenhagen , Aarhus , Odense and Aalborg

Remember your lesson plan!
As mentioned earlier, wel you at the start of your course receive a lesson plan. I want you and your driving instructor continually fill as you receive instruction. If for instance. been out training motorway, it should be noted in the lesson plan, and both you and your driving instructor must sign after lesson. It is incredibly important and your responsibility, you keep close track of this llektionsplan as it is proof of how far you are in the process and what hours you legally have taken. Noting example. not your lessons regularly and you the one reason or another must pause, or switch driving school, a possibly. process should start from the last lesson, you and your driving instructor has signed. So you can basically get to having to start all over again if you do not keep careful records.

It is a legal requirement that the theoretical teaching takes place in groups, and not only consist of tutorials. This means that your driving instructor actively to teach you and your team for example. using signs and other equipment. Of course it is legal to use a computer / tablet to parts of teaching. Some students experiencing Unfortunately, driving teacher makes everything else, and in some cases "teacher" several teams in different rooms. In the practical part of the course, it is also important that you feel your driving instructor actively teach you in the car, and constantly explain why you do as you do and how to act in certain situations. Some driving instructors often use students' driving time, for example. cope shopping, talking on the phone and quite basic not be present. It is also among driving schools you experience that students need extra driving lessons and increasingly less able to pass their tests first time. You do not feel comfortable with your instructor, you can contact other driving schools in the area and see if you can continue them. Note that you have prepaid your driver's license or parts of it, it can sometimes be hard to get his money back. Often, it is more worthwhile if it quickly becomes apparent that you unfortunately have selected a driving school for the first time.

A driving license is for many a great investment that saves up to over a long period - some are obviously the good fortune of his driving license be paid. Nevertheless, it is important that it is a realistic budget. A license costs at least 9000 to 12,000, and it is often only for the basic package, for this you need to calculate miscellaneous fees for your samples, prices and possible. extra driving lessons and driving tests. Many students must typically use 6-10 extra driving lessons, which are often not part of the original package. Typical amounts the additional cost of some kr. 3.000, it may swing widely from student to student. Always get all agreements written down on paper or mail in case of conflict you are much better off. Need driving school not to offer you a contract in writing, it is a clear sign of danger, and you should strongly consider whether this is the driving school for you. Remember that payments must be made by bank transfer or by other electronic means that can be traced, and always remember to ask for confirmation that the driving school have received your deposit.

Be skeptical
We always recommend to be extra skeptical about offers that seem too good to be true. Many driving schools advertise prices down to 6,000 all inclusive. All driving instructors and people in the industry as've talked to says that a driver's license by a serious school costs from kr. 8,000 and up to 12,000 depending on driving school and area. To this can be laid if necessary. additional lessons, additional tests, etc.. If you find a driving school offering driving license for kr. 8,000, it does not mean that the quality is high.

We will, however, venture to suggest that you use the above advice when you choose, you are well on the way. wish you good luck with your new license!

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