VIA University College

VIA University College

VIA is Denmark's third largest educational institution and offers you a wide range of exciting and vocational education.

VIA University College is approved as a University College. The title is the Ministry of Education's quality designation that says that JCVU provider medium term education and training of high quality. VIA University College offers training in the following educational categories: Bachelor Diploma Programmes Courses Continuing Education within: Education Health Management Psychiatry Manual

On VIAUC there are many different programs. Here are some of them described:

The former Aarhus College has been integrated with VIAUC and offer all teacher education major.

They include: experimental line subject Danish as a second language - and voluntary courses like IT, sports, drama, music, philosophy, nature and outdoor life. Beyond that is taught also in pedagogy, didactics, psychology and the profession internship, which is handled by practical training schools.

Teacher education:

The 4-year teacher training qualifies you professional, educational and personal to work as a teacher in public schools, private schools, boarding schools and special schools. You will receive training that relate to the reality and the trends that are the school terms right now. Therefore, it may well be that some of the subjects is somewhat different today than those you know from your school. For professionalism is constantly in motion, depending on the wishes and demands that society places on the school. Subject development therefore reflects movements between society, research and realities, and it is exactly in the intersection, the training takes its starting point. Three basic elements of your teacher education teacher training is based on:

* Line courses
* The educational and psychological subjects
* The internship

In your training you will, in an interaction between these three elements, achieve the professional and basic skills you need in the job as a teacher. Teacher training is a professional training. This means that it is a medium of higher education with the possibility of further studies at master and graduate.

Bioanalytiker program:

Training of medical laboratory technologist is rated at 3½ years and is considered a professional.

As a laboratory technician you will be responsible for analyzing different types of patient samples - eg. Blood and tissue samples - and the work is mostly conducted in hospital laboratories.

Social Work in Aarhus:

It takes 3½ years to be trained social worker and program described as a professional. This means that education is a mix between theoretical and practical training.

There are 2 training guides on social work program - A General and an International. Both training guides educate you to a social worker, but have slightly different weights of disciplines - read more about the program:


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