drum Line

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Denmark Ingen SU eller løn Folk School Courses Ingen The Rhythmic School
City Denmark
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Folk School Courses
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution The Rhythmic School
drum Line

On drum line will get private lessons in drums, drum workshop and playing drums on an interplay team. In addition there is a wide range of subjects, some shared by all, others are electives. Outside school hours, all of our facilities open so that, for example, can be practiced, played in leisure bands or made studio recordings.

To get sound out of a violin takes practice, it is not necessary with drums. Equally simple and basic instrument can be as technically it may be. Drums are without doubt the most physical instrument, it is an instrument that dictates and controls.

The training is aimed at the experienced drummer as well as beginners. The teaching will seek to touch as many drum related topics as possible in such a way that each student, after finishing semester, are able to independently work with the material.

The workshop

There is a module with a workshop in all common schema weeks. The workshop will take different drum related topics. Everything from ergonomics: How you sit at the kit, how do you avoid injury, location of toms, cymbals, chair height mm

We will listen to and analyze different styles, students can present different music that has / have influenced their musical life, and thus learn from each other. In addition, we will look at various basic techniques and some basic metrics (eighths, sixteenths, triplets, etc.)

The workshop provides a good opportunity to take advantage of the social aspect: we can learn from each other and exchange experiences. The workshop is also the forum where we can take hold of some items each student will interessant- of course, that the rest of the team can see the relevance, it could, for instance. be: the mood of drums, microphones, review of the different types of leather, percussion workshop or something else.

Individual lessons

We work with technology: plug technique, bass drum, hi-hat, coordination, sound, grooves and different styles, and metrics and a bit node learn.

Everything from the individual student's level and wishes. Tuition does not favor individual styles, thus the students will be able to find useful methods whether it be jazz or hard rock is the preferred genre.

There will be distributed some written material, like music examples will be quite a natural part of teaching. We will constantly seek to "go to the source". Books, instructional DVDs and Internet clips will frequently be used in teaching.

The school has several rehearsal rooms, in addition there are two distinct "trommeboxe", which is exclusively available for drummers, you can see it as an opportunity to get to a daily practice routine something I strongly recommend. On DRH you have every opportunity, so how far you will achieve depends largely on how much work you put into it.

Ensemble is all the fuss is about!
Here you get real hands dirty, in ensemble lessons you have the opportunity to try things in practice, while you can take the items back to solo tuition if there is something "tease".

We value the interaction very high and you will therefore have here a good opportunity to develop both musical and personal aspects of yourself.

line Timer

This is a weekly 2-lesson module which will change content during the semester. In the beginning there will be tiered theory / ear training for all, but after about 4 times there will be the possibility to choose between different line-related subjects. It may be, for example;

- SDS (Song, Dance and Play)
- Theory and ear training
- "Open Door", "Free Improvisation", or Intuitive Improvisation
- Improvisation
- Singing Workshop
- Rotation

As a drummer, you'll find course 'whole' drum kit, for example in the practice room 3: 1 Drum Gretch: 10 ", 13", 15 ", 22", GAM copper snare drum 14 "x5", 22 "Cope cymbals: 22" ride, 16 " crash, 18 "crash, 15" Hi Hat. in addition, you can in other rehearsal rooms find bla. Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha.