Tinderbox - A fairytale festival

Tinderbox - A fairytale festival

Are you a festival that offers adventures and experiences in the middle of Denmark, take the Tinderbox festival. Although the festival originally joined up to be a rock festival, so the style is very broad.

Tinderbox unveiled for the first time in 2015, as a 10-year collaboration between Odense and FKP Scorpio and Northside Festival. Earmarked grants from the municipality to organize the festival has created a stir in the rest of the industry in the country with respect to how it distorts competition. Tinderbox defends himself with that there is no similar festival in Funen and therefore geographically unique. In addition, there are also many names of Tinderbox, which is not on the other festivals.

Although Tinderbox considers itself as a competitor to the established festivals, they have chosen to put their festival in the same weekend that Roskilde Festival opens for visitors. Thus, they have fallen out with the biggest and most famous festivals in Denmark and is undoubtedly an alternative that visitors consider rather than the established festivals.

Geography / Location:

Speaking of geography, then held Tinderbox festival in Tusindårsskoven, located on the outskirts of Odense, but still so close to the center that it is possible to go in there. Tusindårsskoven was founded in 1988 as Odense age of 1000 years. It is fairly centrally and at the same time easily accessible for people coming from afar. There will be several concerts throughout the year in Tusindårsskoven and right next to is a swimming pool and a golf course.

Tusindårsskoven is the perfect setting for a festival with the magical name as the forest itself forms a frame around a large meadow area with space for about 45,000 people. It is also the capacity and Tinderbox Odense Municipality hopes to reach within a few years.

Sound level:

The first year Tinderbox held there came many complaints from neighbors because of the high level. Even people who lived at the other end of town could clearly hear the music. For some it was not a nuisance, but simply a mixture of joy of being able to hear some music you liked and the bitter feeling of not being at the party.

Names of the festival:

Tinderbox have had a good ability to obtain large, well-known and current names for the festival. Both the foreign and Danish artists have fallen into good soil and many, especially Funen, looking forward to making the festival a tradition as long as the level continues.

Some of the names that have been on Tinderbox include: Robbie Williams, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Faith No More and The Prodigy. This composition shows a clear mix of late 90s music and contemporary topical music.

Accommodation options:

Tusindårsskoven is not suitable for overnight guests as there is a campsite on the square itself. And when so many people have to find accommodation in the city, it is good to be prepared well in advance.

As I said, not so far from the center, so you can always go home or take a taxi. Furthermore, there also put extra buses into when the festival ends in the evening. At Tinderbox website you can find a list of hotels that are in Odense and region. If you should be so lucky that you already know someone living in Odense you might stay with them. Otherwise you can use services like Airbnb or Couchsurfing , where you rent yourself with people who have a vacant apartment or bed available.

Someone living life so much on edge that they take the chance and go out, then find someone to stay with.

5 tips

Tinderbox is a very short time become a very popular festival. They have previously been late with its principal name and therefore surprised the audience positively. This popularity generate attention and interest, which means that tickets are often put at a premium. The first year Tinderbox chose to sell the tickets at the normal price until a month before, and then they put them at half price to sell the last. They had sold the tickets, but it was not popular among the festival-goers who had givenfull price far in advance. This error has Tinderbox learned and, therefore, leads a different strategy now that the tickets will not be put down the closer the date of the festival comes. Therefore, we have 5 tips for how to get the most out of taking on Tinderbox:

- Buy tickets well in advance. If you are into rock and pop from the 90s onwards and would like to see big foreign names you can sing along to, so you might as well buy tickets well in advance, so you are guaranteed to come by.

- Make sure to find accommodation in good time. There really are not any places to go and get some sleep if you have not taken care to ensure you a hotel room or roof tent and stay at the campground. As mentioned, you could alternatively stay with some friends or take the tent and look it up in their garden.

- You are not forced to eat at the festival site, but might as well get something to eat in town with friends when the "boring" bands play. So you save some money and get little else to eat than burger and hotdogs. Otherwise, take good pocket money with and keep them in a safe place. You can easily use credit card in most places in the square, but it is hard if it is stolen.

- Remember to drink plenty of water. The beer is good, but dehydrating, so if you need to enjoy the festival, so drink plenty of water. There are water points spread throughout the square, where you can fill your water bottle.

- Dress so that you can still have your valuables on you. Although an abdominal belt not look particularly smart is quite handy at a festival where you do not have anywhere to put your stuff. For the girls are sportsbh'er with special pockets where they can store wallet, phone, keys, etc.

To become a volunteer at Tinderbox

On a large festival like Tinderbox must obviously something manpower to get it to work. Here taken as many other places also volunteers in use. You will need approximately 5,000 volunteers to run the festival. It is both as security guards in madtelte as bartender or as cleaners for toilets and clean-up afterwards. Additionally, there are set up the scene, fences, and more. Volunteers will of course free, but undertake to work at certain times during the festival. The driving force as a volunteer, in addition to get free at the festival, among other things that one can meet many other like-minded people. You risk also also to encounter some of the known.

If you would like to volunteer it is an advantage if you know the organizations primarily responsible for this. Among other student house in Odense and association Gammo.dk

One of the volunteers from Tinderbox who has worked as a bartender at the festival following to say about his experience:
"The funny thing about being a volunteer is that you meet a lot of new people. You also talked with the other volunteers, as in this bar all connected to the student house in Odense. I was taken on Tinderbox to hear the music, and experience the festival atmosphere. I chose to become a volunteer to support the Fyn when they now hold such an event. The biggest festival experience so far was when I met Jesper Nøddesbo. But I hope there will be surpassed when I hear Ellie Goulding tonight. "
Emma, ​​22, Midtfyn
Source: Tinderbox.dk

People with disabilities and children

It is possible to participate as a guest at the festival even if you are disabled. There are the same conditions for the disabled festival guests, as for all others. However, a disabled companion are free of charge as long as valid companion card can be displayed. There are disabled toilets in the square.

If you have children under 12 years can take them free of charge. It is recommended that children are not at the festival after am. 20:00. In addition, children under 15 years of followes with an adult for safety reasons.


For everyone to have a good experience there are some rules that must be lived up to. Below you can see which rules apply to the festival:

When you stand and enjoy a concert you may well be gripped by the atmosphere and get the urge to throw yourself into the arms of the remaining audience. It is not allowed neither to stage-diving or crowd surf, so you must keep your enthusiasm to cheer and scream. There can also be quite cramped front of the stage, but it is not allowed to push or jostle. There is room for everyone and many are happy to give space for you to see them. A typical habit for some festival-goers are throwing beer and other objects. This is also not allowed. Drink prefer your beer as it does more good in the stomach and head the next day.

If you violate any of the listed items you will be expelled from the festival immediately and it will be a little hard to miss the rest of the festival.

Additionally, it is not permitted to bring food and drink, drugs or umbrellas and weapons. Are there drugs and weapons you will be immediately reported to the police and expelled. Although it can be tiresome to stand in the rain without an umbrella if it were the case, then it is special safety measures in relation to the pointed ends may hit other audiences and to the shadows the prospect for the behind standing spectators.

Many would like to perpetuate the great experience it is to be the festival. It is understandable and therefore you may photograph or film with your mobile phone. If you want to use SLR cameras, video cameras or tape recorders, it requires that you have applied for permission for this beforehand.

If you are pregnant or difficulty walking you have the opportunity to take a blanket or sleeping with. Unfortunately it is not allowed to take chairs, gazebos or other similar elements. There exist already seating at the festival site. Last but not least it is not allowed to use open fire or grill.

There are always guards in the festival area, which are supervised and can help if problems arise. It's the guards who decides on the square, so what they say is law. In addition to the guards, there are also security personnel, who are trained to take care of any kind of first aid.

In short, Tinderbox as an adventure you must experience.