pig Butcher

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pig Butcher

In Denmark, we almost always had the pig and cattle production, and also we have almost always been butchers. There are some large slaughterhouses in Denmark, but where you can excel in your profession is as an independent butcher, who himself cut the meat out of the store.

There are several types of butcher you can choose from:

Retail - This is the type that is in store either in an ordinary butcher's shop or in a supermarket.
Industry - The kind of butcher working in a slaughterhouse and prepares meat for sale in shops or for export.
Tarm cleaner - Here you work a lot with production of sausages or enzymes.

Shop Butcher:

As Butcher Shop also known as a retail butcher you get many different tasks ranging from cutting meat to customer service.

In recent years, the retail butcher profession bevøget against having more the character of a cook. Today working a retail butcher in a higher degree than earlier production of delicacies and færdigretter.- Therefore there will be on the program attached great importance that you should be able to communicate your knowledge of food for your customers.

As Butcher Shop or retail butcher, choose one of these four specialties: Shop Butcher, Retail butcher specializing in delicatessen, butchery with fish and game specializing and butcher.

There is great demand on the retail butchers, so it's easy to find both internship and work.

Industrial Butcher:

Exports of pork is one of the great traditions in Danish industry. As pig butcher you come to work in the slaughterhouse including slaughter and butchering of animals and to continue the tradition of good, Danish meat.

By far most of the training takes place at the work place, and there are good prospects for work both at home and abroad.

Tarm cleaners:

It sounds like a course you do not want to boast, but it is actually one of the most important clean technology education. Much of the work goes on extracting enzymes to the pharmaceutical industry, providing big money for such things. And then you have more industrial machines to do than to handle intestines directly.

There are only 24 weeks of schooling, where the rest of the 2½ year internship.