Student Council at the University of Aarhus

Student Council at Aarhus University - An organization that takes care of students' interests!

Your political actor

The Student Council acts as your and your fellow students' speech pipes, both at Aarhus University and outside campus. A political actor working for you. The Student Council is represented everywhere at school so you are always sure to be heard. Which means that the Student Council is both represented in the various disciplines and study boards, but also in the Academic Council, the University Board and the Danish Students' Joint Council - all over the place! The Student Council has existed since 1932 and therefore has many and proud traditions. The student association started as a small organization that did not have much to say. After many years of political struggles, student revelations and social revolutions, the union is stronger than ever - ready to help you!

Delicious Deals!

The Student Council's function is to create good conditions for you as a student. It's not just about fighting your case, they also want to make your everyday life easier and more enjoyable. The Student Council therefore has a number of offers for you, with the opportunity to help you through the studies and strengthen your social life at university. You can participate in Denmark's biggest Friday bar, give it gas on the sport day, participate in the universities courses, develop at the classroom and get updated in the student manual. You will undoubtedly find something for yourself and meet a lot of your fellow students from other programs.


Be active!

The Student Council would not be the same without all the volunteers. As a volunteer, you help to create the best possible framework for the students. You will have a lot of experience with planning, teamwork and communication, and of course you will develop your network when you meet a lot of other cool volunteers. If a student politician stored in you, this is just the place! Or maybe you have a journalist in your stomach? Then you can become a writer for the Student Council's own student magazine. If your time is sparse, you may be volunteered for some of the major events that are annually. As a law student you can be voluntary in legal aid and gain valuable insight into the practical legal work. Sign up as a volunteer, and get a lot of cool experiences, good friends and something to write on CVét!


Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2-4 8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 8715 3864


Opening Hours

Mandag, onsdag og torsdag: 9.00 – 14.30

Tirsdag: 9.00 –  13.30

Fredag: 9.00-14.00


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