Student House - Odense

In the Student House you can meet other students for different events and get cheap beers. You will find the student house in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg, where you and your students can meet either and do your school work or for a cheap beer. You will find the Studenterhuset in Odense located at the address Amfipladsen 6.

But it is not only beer you can get cheap - coffee and tea can also be ordered and then you can read newspapers, play pool, chess or backgammon. There is different music throughout the week. In addition, it is possible to buy some smaller meals at Studenterhuset, which consists of sandwiches, crossainter and other small items with which you can satisfy the worst hunger. In addition, there are ongoing events - e.g. dance nights, etc., which is suitable for students. Here you can either bring your friends under your arm for an entertaining evening, or meet up alone to get some new acquaintances.

This is where concerts, debates, events and activities are created, which are very much aimed at students, but are not limited to students only. It is for the whole city and the Student House is a place where everyone is welcome, even if you do not have a student card.

For example, if you are a student at the University of Copenhagen, other universities or perhaps in high school, you can easily meet with your friends here at the Student House, where you can sit and do your group work.

Student House Aarhus holds lectures, social events, corporate fairs, concerts, events, parties and many other fun activities. The Student House is not only for studying or lecturing, it is also a great place to meet other students, and a beer always helps to become more social, so why not take a stroll in the Student Bar? It is very popular with students, and here you can meet with your friends over a beer (read: many beers) and keep a free room from the studio. So grab your fellow students by the arm or come alone and make your way past the student bar. Here you will definitely have a fantastic evening, and it is definitely a place you will come again, whether it is to study or visit the Student Bar again.

The student house thus forms the framework for a little of each. Whatever you need to immerse yourself in your homework, look for a place for your next study meeting, a place where you can meet for a few beers with friends or maybe a place where you can dance all night. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to visit the Student House as a student, whatever the occasion.


Amfipladsen 6
5000 Odense

Contact info

Telefon: 42 72 01 38

Opening Hours

Mandag - onsdag: 10.00 - 22.00
Torsdag - lørdag: 10.00 - 00.00
Søndag: 12.00 - 18.00