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We are a family owned company that for decades has served our customers with everything for 2-wheelers.

For us, life is simply to sell, smear, screw tightening or talk about bikes and scooters.

We love them. Not only because we are professionals and know what separates a good bike from a not so good. But also because the bike in our opinion, is an ideal means of transport. It provides better health, do not pollute and are always ready for use, if it is maintained properly.

A visit with us is associated with advice and service. As professionals, we know your expectations and needs before we offer you something. We love for our bikes too high for us to just sell them to anyone.

Based on what you tell us, we will identify the number of models and chooses them that best suits your style and your driving needs. Then we find together the right size, the control and saddle, ensuring you the best possible kørestilling.Til eventually we adjust the gears, buckles bike after and checks if it is provided with mandatory safety equipment.

We are, in other words guarantee that the bike you buy, get serviced or repaired, is fully running. Our professional pride and unconditional love for bikes do not allow otherwise.

We know what bicycles require maintenance in the Danish climate and see it as our job to keep them running order without breaking your personal finances.

You save money in the long run if you adhere to the regular servicing and care to get the bike's mechanical parts replaced or adjusted in step with the slides. Let us inspect your bike regularly, we can take any repairs in the bud, lubricate it and prepare it for the changing seasons. Old love rusting as you know not.


Kochsgade 51
5000 Odense C

Contact info

Tlf.: 66 12 79 51


Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag:  9.00-17.30

Lørdag: 9.00-12.00


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