How to save money on your broadband subscription

How to save money on your broadband subscription

As a student, it is often not money which one has the most. Are you living with their parents and lives by its SU, it is limited in how much money you have for daily consumption (study shows that students on average 2,118 kroner available for the fixed expenses are paid). Therefore, it may be a good idea to check whether you can save money on any of your fixed expenses, as a way to have more money available for everyday consumption.

And one of the overheads to examine are the same broadband subscription (check if necessary. Also our list of A-boxes , then you too can save a lot of money). For here you can easily save a lot of money without compromising on speed, data, etc. On broadband. (It should be said that most who live in the dorm, paying their broadband subscription over their rent, and is therefore unable to switch broadband subscriptions, why this advice not relevant to them).

Therefore, we on this side get in on what you should think about when you need to find a broadband subscription - it is important that you do not just go out and choose the first and cheapest subscription. No, it should still be a subscription that fits your needs. At the same time we have gathered our recommendations for broadband subscriptions to suit different people's needs.



As you can see on the mains cable overview , there is much difference in the rate you get, even if the price is almost the same. Therefore it is important that you check both speed and price. Please also note that although the provider promises a min. speed, so it's always a good idea to check whether you actually get so many Mbit, as they promise. Otherwise, you can usually get them persuaded some discount.

An important criterion with respect. Your broadband subscription rate. The rate consists of both a download and upload speed. Download speed you use when you need to download files, open Internet page. While using your upload speed when you need to upload files such as pictures on Facebook and so on. Is the speed therefore listed as 20.2 Mbps, the download speed of 20 Mbps, while the upload speed is 2 Mbps. With most subscriptions (except fiber), the download speed will always be higher than the upload speed as most download more than they upload.

What speed you need, all depends on what your needs are. In less you have to be able to play online games (such as Counter-Strike o. Etc.), And you are only one person who uses the Internet at a time, most will be fine provided with a download speed of 10 Mbit / s.


Speed ​​Guide

Use Stofa speed tool to find

out of what speed you need.


But otherwise you can use Stofa speed tool . With it you can see how fast you download different files - such as a movie, music, pictures, etc. At the different speeds. So you can get a good idea of ​​what speed you want.

Do you already have a broadband subscription, where you are fine pleased with the speed, of course, just stick to the speed.

Tip: Although providers advertise eg 10 Mbit / s, it is not the speed that you get to experience (at less it's fiber network), particularly as it depends on the coverage where you live and the distance to a transmission tower. Therefore, it may be a good idea to pay attention to the minimum speed as the provider advertises and / or to check the provider's coverage map (which you can find by searching for "(provider name) coverage map" on Google, that such "telia coverage map "), and see how the provider's coverage in your area.


data Consumption

If it is a mobile broadband subscription you are looking for, it included data consumption is also an important criterion. (It is not necessary during normal broadband because here you have (almost) unlimited data usage). When data mean that, simply put, how much you can be on the internet with your mobile broadband. And how much data you need in your subscription, of course, depends on how much you need it and what you need it to.

Do you already have a mobile broadband subscriptionIt may be a good idea to check how much data you about have used every month for the last 4 months. From the information you can about an overview of the very data you need (often have much more data in its subscription, than what one user).


data Calculator

With this data calculates you can get an estimate

how much data you need.


Other hand if you do not already have a mobile broadband subscription, you find out how much you need. To help you with this, you can use this data to calculate .

With it you can set how many mails you about send and receive, how much you surf, listen to music, streaming videos, etc.. a day. Also it will show you how much data you need.


other criteria

Of course there are also other criteria that are important. For example, the provider's reputation (check if necessary. Their Trust Pilot and Facebook page), and "extra bonuses" by subscription (such as free router, included subscription to HBO, etc.). But it is the above two criteria are the most important (also of course the price as we enter below).


our recommendations

Now when you have got established your needs, it's time that you need to find your new broadband provider. For the trick now is that we need to find the provider that offers the cheapest subscription that fits your needs. That is, if you want 10 Mbit / s download speed, we need to find the provider that offers the speed at the lowest price.

But it can be a jungle out there with all the providers and it can take a long time to find the cheapest provider. Therefore, we have made it easier for you, and compiled the cheapest provider (in terms of price per month) at present, in the various speed and data ranges.


Wired Broadband

We have found the cheapest providers of wired broadband with download speeds: 4 Mbit / s, 10 Mbit / s, 15 Mbit / s, 20 Mbit / s and 50 Mbit / s. When wired broadband is meant either cable or ADSL broadband. We have deliberately chosen not to include fiber networks, since it is far from all who have the opportunity to get it. Would you like to see if you can get fiber network, visit Stofa website .

Price. month
Bolignet 179 kr. 4/1 mbit 6 months 1,273 kr.

Full Rate 199 kr. 10/1 Mbps 6 months 995 kr.

Yousee 219 kr. 15/3 Mbps 1 month 319 kr.

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Telia 249 kr. 20/2 Mbps 6 months 1,245 kr.

Full Rate 299 kr. 50/5 Mbps 6 months 2,192 kr.


mobile broadband

We have found the cheapest mobile broadband with the following data included in the subscription: 500 MB, 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB and 40 GB.

Price. month
call Me 29 kr. 12/4 Mbps 1 month 500 MB

OiSTER 49 kr. 20/4 Mbps 1 month 2 GB

Full Rate 100 kr. 6/1 mbit 6 months 5 GB

OiSTER 99 kr. 20/4 Mbps 1 month 10 GB

Telmore 249 kr. 71/43 mbit 1 month 40 GB


Want to compare even more providers, you can kigge on. Here you using. Their comparison table comparing a large number of providers of mobilt- and general broadband price, speed, data, etc.