Smukfest - Denmark's most beautiful festival

Smukfest - Denmark's most beautiful festival

In the heart of Jutland, is Denmark's most beautiful beech forest, where the sweet tones and beautiful singing from thousands of happy people mixed with the forest birdsong and the rush in the treetops. Smukfest which Skanderborg festival called themselves as the most beautiful festival in Denmark, and once you have tried the special atmosphere that is about to be festival in a forest, and you will definitely come again.

Morr Music is one of the biggest festivals in Denmark with around 45,000 visitors. The festival started in 1980, but has evolved in step with the times and gotten the beech forest to buzz with life and happy days at the beginning of August each year.

Geography and transport

It is simply to get to Smukfest as it is not far from the highway at Skanderborg. In Skanderborg lake, in the middle of the deer park, the festival is located. Festival site is divided into different areas where you can put up your tent.

If you want fun and so is the love festival's most party-friendly area. There is never peace in love, so if you do not want to be kept awake all night, so you must choose one of the other places on the festival to park your tent. Depending on whether you have your own tent or you want to rent a caravan or live with others in a larger community, then you can choose between two fields that love covers. One mark is for you own tent and the second mark is for those who want to rent a pre-set position.

There are about two kilometers into the festival site, so you can make noise as much as you want without bothering anyone old sleeping snouts and if you think that is too far to walk into the festival site, so you can take a shuttle bus that runs around the clock and is in the price of your ticket.

For the little calmer campers found Holst Camping where there is a cafe to eat a delicious breakfast, as well as delicious bath and toilet facilities.

On FØLA Camping and on Match courses located at the headquarters of the festival you will find one of the most beautiful camping areas for you to bring your own tent. Here it is really nice and you can enjoy the view over the lake when you consume your meals.

Bold courses and stadium area is quite close to the festival site itself. It is the perfect combination of the feast day and fair peace and quiet at night. It is for the more convenient audiences who do not bother to stay too far away from the festival site itself, which is not too old to party, but would like to be ready to hear music the next day and did not sleep the whole day away due to long night celebrations. It is fairly central to various food and drink stalls and there are great bathing and toilet facilities. If you are into champagne brunch you can get this served at the club at the tennis courts.

Sølund area is divided into two areas: Sølund Upper and Sølund middle. Here you can find a nice view of the lake, you can shop various necessities and you can find both good sanitation facilities, as well as rent a Hotelt if you do not have your own tent. There is reasonably short to all facilities in the area.

Last but not least, there Skanderborghus located perfectly in relation to the festival site. It is quite short from the jetty and has a beautiful view of the lake. Here you can find both Hotelte and CanSleeps or you can stay overnight in one giant Royal-canned!


There are many different accommodations. As mentioned above, among other things, Hotelte and CanSleeps, which is a sort of hotel rooms with pegs. Or to put it purely Danish: A tent you can rent.

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In addition, there Pig Me, which is free-range pigs cabins are furnished with made bed, light and power for your mobile phone. There is a cool bag in every cabin to keep beer, chocolate or other necessities cold. A Pig Me cabin can be locked so you need not worry about anything other than the music and beer in your hand.

Hummel has sponsored a couple of shoe boxes you can stay in. However, they are adjusted in size so you need not curl up perfectly to be there. Moreover, one can sit on the roof so you can enjoy the view with your friends.

If you do not feel to live in a tent, the footwear & aopinionated; happening or pigsties, then you can alternatively select some of Skanderborgs hostels or hotels. Sometimes there are so overbooked that you will have to find accommodation in Silkeborg, Horsens and Aarhus. But it can also be a good opportunity to have seen something other than the festival site.


There are lots of opportunities and facilities for the disabled on Morr Music. There are plenty of toilets locked, so you must have the key, but in return you are pretty sure to get to a clean toilet is not used by thousands of festival guests. There is also a special disabled-friendly campsite near village Sølund. You can have your own companion free. It is a very hilly terrain in the beech forest, so you can also obtain a passérkort to avoid the steep hill in the woods.


A good festival is a safe and secure festival where everyone gets a cool experience to be remembered and memories that stay in the memory forever. One of the important elements to get such a good experience is that security is top notch, so you do not have to worry about it.

Smukfest have trained their volunteers as they live up to the demands of the authorities, as well as the level of service expected of the visitors. With approximately 55,000 visitors are required to come quickly, if someone were to get a feel unwell or injured. Therefore, there are set up two emergency departments at the festival, with well-trained crew, where you can be treated for everything from sunstroke, bee stings if you have had too much to drink ', if you've got enough to drink', or if you get a heart attack.

The guards who both go to the site and stand by the stages and inputs and outputs at the festival and camping areas are easily recognizable by their security vests. They all radio on, so they can call for help if an emergency should arise. The guards at the festival is also subject to an alcohol policy, so they do not consume alcohol while they are at work.

Besides the two emergency rooms, there are a lot of fixed points around the festival site. Here you can orient yourself or grab a guard.

Additional safety measures include that it is forbidden to crowd surf, stage-diving or make a so-called moshpit. There must of course not bring weapons or animals at the festival, but no flag, laser pens, banners, chairs or fireworks.

Food and drinks

You can get almost what the heart or stomach desires on Morr Music. There are plenty of food stalls offering dishes from at least as many countries as coming from music. So no matter what diet you are on, so there is something for you. Even vegetarians and allergy friendly dishes will be served at the festival, so everyone can be satisfied. Whether you want to eat fine outside in the summer night, or just need some takeaway to tame your hangover, you have the chance.

There is a special cooperation with local businesses and schools, which account for some of the food stalls and restaurants you can trade in. If you are more to cook your own food, you can cook in the cooking area of love. The products are not being used are subsequently donated to the food bank, which is to share the food out to the socially disadvantaged. In this way Smukfest also helps minimize food waste.

There are a number of themed bars, which takes you back to the decade you remember best. For example you can dance disco on Phustage54 or go to Club 86 for those who prefer modern music.

5 tips

- Depending on whether you are new to the festival or if you are young or old, it can be advantageous to seek out what area you will be staying in. Some areas are more active at night than others, so if you want some sleep and not the type who drink yourself into a stupor, then you can opt to stay on the slightly better positioned camping areas. Here are the best vantage points, it is almost the festival site itself and you do not have far to bathing and toilet facilities. Do you have the company of like-minded party-loving young people, so choose love or Bold courses.

-; If you want to make sure the right location at the camping areas, so it is important to book space well in advance, as there is great competition for places.

- If you want to cool down so be sure to bring your bathing suit. The festival is located right by some of Denmark's most beautiful lakes, which you can bathe in. In addition to swimwear, it is also important to bring sunscreen, as the sun is usually very strong in August. If you forget your swimsuit and just likes to be naked, you can participate in the nude-canoe race is an annual event.

- Drink plenty of water. Both because of the hot sun in summer, but also to prevent the terrible hangover coming in for you while you sleep and hit you in the head when you wake up. The beer is good, but water is also good.

- Remember earplugs. It's not because they play insanely much higher Smukfest than they do at many other festivals, but it's just a good idea in general to have his hearing sense intact after a festival. Especially if you have several of them year after year.

To become a volunteer

Morr Music is such a popular festival that not just anyone can become a volunteer at the festival. To become a volunteer requires namely that you are a member of Skanderborg Festival Club. There are about 13,000 volunteers to make Smukfest an unforgettable festival. Up to 5,000 of the volunteers come from the rest of the country. Each volunteer must work at least 24 hours during the festival or 42 hours before or after the festival. Of course there are special rates for assistants on, among other drinks and you get access to an auxiliary area where all workers can stay.

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